I’m starting my Sims 4 Legacy tonight!

Well, today Pinstar posted the Legacy Challenge Rules for Sims 4, so today, I’ll start a legacy!

I tried a Sims 2 legacy… reached generation 5 and really fell in love with some of the Sims in the family. Then, Sims 3 came out.

I tried a Sims 3 legacy… oh, the glitches! One family, in generation 5, got stranded in the East while on a World Adventure… they could not return back home. Another family simply disappeared in generation 5 due to an error in saving, and the back-up save was lost, too!

I hope that I have better luck–and better grit–with Sims 4!

Can I get past gen 5?

A few things that seem to be in my favor: 1) Sims 4 base game works GREAT on my laptop; 2) I’m starting super early; 3) I love the sims in Sims 4. So individual and unique and quirky!

Let’s get the game going!