Reflections after Day One gaming session on Legacy Challenge

Playing a legacy is so different from playing a non-challenge game! There are so many limiting factors: finances, normal (as opposed to long) lifespan, tight work schedules… and the requirement to meet a spouse or significant other, then procreate or adopt!

Whether playing a legacy or non-challenge game, my prime directive is to help my Sims self-actualize through directing their lives in accordance with their wishes, goals, and desires. With that in mind, I prefer to wait until my Sim wants to initiate a romance, get married, or have a child before I’ll bring such events about.

I’ll make sure that my Sim has opportunity to meet lots of Sims in order to find someone interesting, but I always hesitate to start a romance with another Sim unless my Sim wishes it.

This makes playing legacies so hard! I made Cedar Bough a Romance Sim with the lifetime aspiration of finding a soulmate in the hopes that this would help her meet up with someone. And, with only about ten days left in young adulthood, she has yet to wish to have any romantic interactions with any of her acquaintances.

She does seem to like guys a lot! During group conversations, no matter whom she’s talking to, she’ll usually single out a guy she’s interested in and gaze at him.

She has, currently, only one friend–a male townie. And while she likes him as a friend, I don’t sense any sparks yet.

I feel the pressure–but she’s quite relaxed and happy! She seems like she’d be happy living out in the field, alone, for the rest of her life!

Thoughts on TS4

I really enjoy The Sims 4. Playing it is relaxing–not overwhelming or overstimulating, as TS2 and 3 could sometimes be. And the Sims are so interesting! Cedar has (already) captured my heart. She does quirky things and she loves to talk!

During a group interaction, she got the “I can’t believe I said that!” moodlet! This is totally her–she just lets loose and acts silly, then wonders what she’s done later.Β 

So, I’m looking forward to many happy days playing TS4. With my own busy schedule, I’ll rarely have more than an hour or two to play at a stretch, which means I don’t anticipate burn-out. I seem to quit always looking forward to the next session of game play.Β