“Share my life with me, Let’s live our destiny.”

Timothy proposes

Even with a yellow plumbob, there’s no time like the present for popping the question.

With time a rapid stream, Timothy decided to propose right away.

Cedar leaps into his arms.

Cedar’s found her soulmate.

Cedar was so overjoyed, she (autonomously) lept into Timothy’s arms.

I love this couple. They’re flirty, so into each other, and their expressions reveal all of their feelings–towards each other and towards life.

They celebrated their engagement by “Trying for baby,” which they were both really excited about. Cedar even did a little jump for joy.

No post-woo-hoo lullaby in TS4, so the next morning, Cedar used the pregnancy test…

Cedar finds out she's pregnant.


Ok, we’re on our way!

Once Timothy moved in, visitors began streaming to the house at Cradle Rock every day. Maybe it was because Timothy had so many friends, or maybe it was because, once he moved in, they could actually afford to have a little house. I mean, who’d want to come visit on a big open lot?

Cedar and Timothy's other

A potentially awkward situation

This could have been very awkward–Timothy’s other romantic interest, whom he knew before he met Cedar, came to visit. It was right after Cedar had found out she was pregnant, and she hadn’t even had a chance to tell Timothy yet. But Cedar handled the situation beautifully–she and Ms. Murakami visited together while watching the cooking channel and actually became friends. After Ms. M. left, Cedar told Timothy the big news, and, with his “successful lineage” aspiration, he was thrilled.

Cedar had the next day off of work, so they decided to get married then. I think they both would have been happier to elope, but I had them plan a wedding. I wanted them to earn the kitchen appliance that comes with a gold-level wedding.

Let me just say that they got through it… without catching on fire, getting electrocuted, or breaking up!

Cedar fixes the fridge.

Fixing broken appliances during your wedding? How romantic!

Bob Pancake catered. His food was excellent, but he broke the fridge and the oven.

Timothy fixes the stove

Will Timothy survive this wedding?

Timothy fixed the stove… and he didn’t even electrocute himself! Bob kept leaving food in the oven, which Cedar had to throw away, and we couldn’t find the wedding cake until after the wedding, so Cedar made a strawberry cake.

Cedar, very pregnant

Cedar’s looking good!

Cedar looked happy enough, but her fun meter was crashing into the red.

angry Tim

Angry Tim.

Timothy was just angry. He hated having all those strangers there. Actually, only two guests showed up (out of 15 invited!), but then there was Bob, and the mixologist, and the musician. He hated it.

Smiling Cedar

Cedar’s glad that Aubrey showed up.

You’d never know that Cedar had a yellowish-orange plumbob. She always looks cute, happy (and a little flirty), even when she’s bummed out.

Wedding vows

Exchanging promises

“With patience, I sought you.
Once found, I caught you.
Now share my life with me.
Let’s live our destiny
And in my love,
You’ll find you’re free.”

wedding kiss

True love.

Wedding look

“Ok, now that’s over. What’s next?”

The look says it all. She’s just glad to have it over.

Wedding log

The two guests on a big empty lot.

If I’d known only two guests would show, I’d have never bought all those chairs!

Taking out the trash.

“Hey, fewer guests gives me more time to catch up on household chores!”

wedding cake

“Bob makes a pretty good cake, don’t you think?”

After the guests had left and the party ended (at silver status), Cedar found the cake, woke up Timothy from his nap, and, in private, they shared a slice. This was the happiest they were all day.

passed out

Pregnant moms shouldn’t have to work!

The next day was back to work for Cedar. Oh, my! It’s so much harder to be pregnant in TS4, with the rapid needs-decay and no time off!


Totally preggers

“Soooo….. tirrreddddd….”


Baby incoming!

Lucky for Cedar, she was only working three days a week now, so she had next day off. A little yard work is so relaxing when labor is imminent!