Cedar and Acacia

Acacia Cedar Bough, first-born in generation 2

Meet Acacia, a sparkly little child who looks just like her daddy!

Timothy freaking out

Timothy woke to a big surprise.

“What? While I was asleep? What happened? Omigosh! What do I do?”

Relax, Timothy. You slept through the birth, she’s fine, Cedar’s fine, now you’re just one step closer to the next milestone on your Successful Lineage path.

Timothy and Acacia

Timothy and Acacia became friends right away.

Timothy is a great father–and well he should be with his aspiration and family-oriented trait!

Cedar dancing

Cedar really gets into the music

Even though being a mom is tiring, Cedar found ways to relax, like dancing while dreaming of being somewhere far, far away.

Sade sings Happy Birthday

“Happy birthday, to yooooou!”

Another day, another party. Cedar aged up to Adult. Once again, not many Sims attended the party, and the musician they hired never showed. But we earned a silver medal, nonetheless. Cedar, though she’s a good sport about it, seems to hate parties. Her fun meter always reds out.

Blowing out the candles

Cedar makes a wish.

What are you wishing for, Cedar?

“I can’t tell, or it won’t come true. But it has something to do with a certain soulmate of mine and a certain patriarch named Father Time…”


Golden glowing Timothy

Timothy was due to become an elder the next day, which hardly seemed fair or right, since he and Cedar were soulmates, and he’d need a long life to achieve his aspiration, and she’d need many years with him to achieve hers.

Timothy earned just enough aspiration points to buy a secret potion… and when he drank it, he glowed!

Younger Tim

“Ah! Life is sweet!”

And, lo and behold, his age meter swung back to Adult! He was now, just in the nick of time, a day younger than Cedar herself! Oh, wishes do come true!


Is this Acacia?

And, that day, Acacia became a child. When playing TS2, I always paid special attention to a child Sim’s first autonomous action. Acacia took a nap.

Napping Acacia

“Growing up is so incredibly tedious.”

Then, she popped out of bed and cried because Cassandra Goth (who’s a young adult by now) broke her dollhouse.

But that’s ok. Dad fixed it.


Timothy’s handiness comes in handy!

A little about Acacia…


A young genius

Using Pinstar’s Random Trait Generator, Acacia rolled the genius trait with the childhood aspiration of Artistic.

Space Cadet Cedar

Cedar moves up on the career path.

It was a big day. Cedar moved up a step on her career path, becoming Space Cadet. She’s still incredibly enthusiastic about space and being an astronaut!