One week in: Goals, thoughts, responses, and reflections

After one week of legacy playing, my gen 2 heir and spare (not sure yet which is which) are midway through teen and childhood years. I am so surprised at how these Sims have become a part of me. They delight me, confound me, entertain me, and make me think.

Sometimes, I’m so busy watching them that I forget to take pictures–I’m just enjoying the game-play.

I had forgotten how merciless time is in legacy-playing. These Sims have to work so hard, with school and career and working towards aspirations, that they rarely have a chance to play or just to be. Timothy doesn’t work so that he can get a little alone time, but even still, with gardening, home maintenance, and house-cleaning, he rarely has time to work on his skills. I’ll enjoy playing non-legacy games so that I can slow down the time and just enjoy my Sims and let them enjoy life!


The time constraints of a legacy make goal-setting an important strategy. Otherwise, I sometimes lose track of what I and my Sims are trying to accomplish! Here are my current goals per Sim:

Cedar (founder)

Primary goal: Soulmate Aspiration

Cedar has almost achieved this aspiration. All that is left is one more date and roughly 75 romantic interactions with Timothy. Since she’s an elder, I’ll concentrate on this goal before having her work on other goals. I should be able to have her accomplish this during her next day off of work–maybe I’ll even see if she can take a day off of work to finish this off, at least the date.

Secondary goal: Career Advancement

She’s a Space Ranger, which is level 8 of the Astronaut career. I don’t care much about the career, but she is really into it, and I think it would make her happy to advance. Since she’s an elder, I’m not sure if she’ll live long enough to make it to the top, but we’ll try.

She currently needs the following:

  • Build the rocket: I’m going to see if Timothy can build this for her.
  • Make and drink the space energy drink: Thanks to Lynnwood on the Sims forum, I now know that we’ll need to use the bar to do this. I’m hoping it doesn’t require a high level of mixology skill–if it does, then I guess Cedar will be skilling up!
  • Have 7 friends. Poor Cedar currently has no friends outside of her family, and they don’t count for this! So, once we finish her primary goal, I’ll have her concentrate on building friendships. Sims seem to love her, so this shouldn’t be too hard.

These are the only two goals that really seem to matter to Cedar, and, frankly, they are plenty!

Timothy (co-founder)

Primary goal: Successful Lineage Aspiration

This is a tough one! Timothy is on level 3 of this, but level 4 takes time! He needs to successfully mentor a child 10 times. He bought the mentor aspiration reward trait, but he hasn’t maxed out any of his skills. He’s at about 8.5 in the athletic skill–but I don’t know if this is one of the skills he can mentor in. I’ll see if I can skill him up in time so that he can mentor them before he dies or his kids grow up. He’s already used his “young again” potion.

He also needs for one of his kids or grandkids to reach the top of his or her career. This has me wondering if ghosts can achieve aspirations!

Good luck, Timothy! We’ll do our best, but no guarantees. In the meantime, enjoy pruning your bonsai.

Acacia (Gen 2 first-born)

Teen Acacia is doing well: she’s an A student in high school.

Primary goal: Nerd Brain Aspiration

To level up with this aspiration, Acacia needs to build logic and read. It’s surprisingly hard to find time for either of these since her high school studies keep her so busy! We’ll keep plugging away. I guess I could always have her use the anti-sleep potion, like we did when she had to stay up all weekend to achieve her childhood aspiration of creative genius. Hey, that’s not a bad idea! I was saving up aspiration points for steel bladder, but she’ll earn a bundle of points as she moves to the next level.

Secondary goal: Get out and around

Since she may end up being the heir, it’s always good strategy to progress with the romance. She’s got a good male friend (Paris), but she has yet to roll any romantic wishes. I’ll have her keep meeting teen guys so she can learn who she likes.

Mesquite (Gen 2 second-born)

I’ll introduce Mesquite in the next chapter. What a kid!

Primary goal: Social Butterfly Childhood Aspiration

Since he’s a loner, his rolling this aspiration really surprised me. But he is remarkably good at it! He’s made it to level 2 with ease, and he’s already maxed out his social skill. He also seems to have so much fun socializing with friends and even acquaintances! To progress, he needs a BFF. I’ll probably need to wait until the weekend to do this, unless he and Paris can become BFFs in the meantime. Paris loves to hang out with the family, so he’s often dropping by. During the school week, it’s hard for Mesquite to find the time to build friendships, but we’ll keep trying.

Secondary goal: Achieve an A in grade school

He’s earned a B. To get an A, he needs to bring 2 more skills (creative and motor) up to level 4 and to complete 2 more extra credit assignments. The extra credit is easy–it’s finding the time for skill-building that’s a challenge. I guess I can always use the no-sleep rewards!