Acacia’s Childhood

photo of bonsai

Self-expression. bonsai style

Timothy was sometimes overcome with how much he loved Cedar. His days alone gave him the opportunity to find unique ways to express his feelings.

Acacia crying

It’s not easy being a genius.

School was really hard for Acacia. It was so boring! And she was so different from the other kids that making friends was really hard.

Timothy and Acacia

Dads can be so cheerful after a tough day at school.

Fortunately, her dad was always there to cheer her up.

Cedar and Tim

Cedar shares big news.

Cedar rolled the wish to “Try for baby” with Timothy. I tend to be a negative-population-growth type of Simmer, so after the first child, I’ll only have another to fulfill a Sim’s wish or aspiration. Since Cedar wished for it, she and Timothy tried… and succeeded! I was looking forward to Timothy’s reaction, since I remembered how excited he was when he heard that Acacia was on the way.

Timothy upset

“What? We can’t even afford one child!”

Even though he got a happy moodlet, he seemed so upset!

Acacia happy

“A baby! Yay!”

And even though she got a sad moodlet, Acacia seemed so happy!

A pregnant astronaut

Ah, the joys of working during term!

Aside from a little morning sickness, pregnancy never really seemed to slow down Cedar.

Cedar and Tim

Goofy love!

On her days off, if Acacia was at school, Cedar worked on her aspiration of soul-mate.

morphed photo

One with each other!

With so much closeness, at times, Cedar and Timothy (literally) became one.


“Mom? Dad? Do you know I’m still here?”

Acacia was home when the baby was born. At first she was a little bit sad, but her dad reassured her. She’s still his special pet.

Tim and Acacia

“You’ll always be my first bud, Acacia!”

Baby Mesquite

Mesquite Bough

And here’s baby Mesquite. He looks a lot like his dad.

Cedar and Acacia

Off to work! Off to school!

Acacia’s childhood seemed to fly by! Cedar slowly worked her way up the astronaut career, and Acacia, while only earning a B in grade school, made good progress towards her artistic prodigy aspiration.


Childhood is so sweet!

Aside from a little bit of boredom that comes from being a genius, Acacia was a very happy child. Before I knew it, her last weekend of childhood was here. We spent from Friday night through Sunday morning drinking anti-sleep potion and playing violin, drawing pictures, and narrating doll house stories… and finally, Acacia achieved her childhood aspiration of artistic prodigy!

Cedar and Acacia

“Whatcha doin, Mom?”
“Baking a cake.”

Acacia's birthday

Birthday on a big, semi-empty lot


“Oh, I feel so much… taller!”

Acacia loved her party. Mikaela, the family friend, came to the party. Acacia rolled “loner” as her teen trait, and “nerd brain” as her adult aspiration. As her dad’s a loner, it seemed fitting. And with her genius trait and love of chess, nerd brain is a great fit! I was wishing for a musical aspiration, to take advantage of her creative skills, but nerds can enjoy playing piano and violin, too.


Bubble boy!

Once the party ended, Mesquite transformed!