Get to know… the Sims of Gen 2

There always comes a time when reading the legacies I follow when I feel like Seinfeld does stepping out of the movie theater–“What? That’s the same guy that was the guy in the suit in the beginning? Ohhhh…. He was with her?” I just get confused about who’s who and how they all fit in.

And when writing a legacy, I start to worry that not all my Sims are getting enough face-time, and that maybe I’ve left out some of their endearing–or not-so-endearing–qualities.

So I thought that each generation, beginning with gen 2, I’d do a little “get to know…”

Acacia Bough

Gen 2 heir
Genius. Loner. Self-assured
Aspiration: Nerd-Brain


Since Kyler moved in, Acacia wakes happy every single morning. She loves to be a Sim-in-love.

Confident Acacia has been a hero of this legacy, putting out fire and saving her mom from death. Spent her childhood playing violin and drawing and completed the Creative Prodigy aspiration. During her young adult years, she developed a bit of a thing for the Grim Reaper, after meeting him when he came for her dad and mom. She even came close to joining him for good during a fit of hysteria–but her brother Mesquite pled with Grimmy to spare her.

After that, she had a challenging time meeting anyone that could create any sparks–until she met Kyler, who lit her up from the inside. Being with Kyler and having two kids with him has rounded out her life in ways she never could have imagined.

Skills, Aspiration, and Career: She’s maxed cooking and is highly skilled in logic, handiness, rocket science, gourmet cooking, and charisma. Though she gained the creative bonus trait from completing her childhood aspiration, she’s been too busy to do much with painting and music. She’s planning on focusing on those in her elder years. As of this writing, she’s just 12 books away from completing her adult aspiration, and she’s near the top of her pro video gamer career.

Greatest Strength/Greatest Flaw: Acacia has no flaws. She’s perfect. Not. Her greatest strength and greatest flaw are one and the same – her confidence. It’s her confidence that gives her the courage to put out fires and plead with Grim to save someone’s life, and it’s her confidence that easily turns to hubris when all her confident moodlets lend weight to other emotions, like playful. It’s just a little too easy to slide into hysteria or other extremes.

Favorite activities: Anything that has to do with science. She loves using the microscope and the observatory, and when these activities include a creative aspect, like developing wall-size posters, she’s even happier.

Share a secret: Sometimes, Acacia autonomously changes into her everyday outfit that includes the flirty hat, but since she’s so self-assured, the extra flirty point she cans from that just moves her mood from Confident to Very Confident!

Kyler Haven

Spouse of Gen 2 Heir
Cheerful. Active. Foodie.
Aspiration: Soulmate


When Kyler looks like this, you can tell he’s looking over his shoulder at Acacia. He devours her with his eyes…

Kyler met Acacia at the gym, where she joined him for an all-night endurance run. He hasn’t been able to take his eyes off her since. She wasn’t completely sure about him at first (it’s that self-confidence thing–she had a little bit of an ego. Ok. A big ego.), but after their first time together, she’s been blissfully happy.

Kyler is a great addition to the family, always cheering up the others, cooking incredible meals, bringing in a nice income and bonus rewards through his culinary career, and being an amazing father to Gen. 3.

I’m so happy we gave him a chance. And he’s absolutely in love with Acacia.

As a foodie, he takes a photo on his cell phone of every single meal he eats, and then he posts it to his social media page. Seriously. He’s as bad as Steve Wozniak. But it makes him happy!

Skills, Aspiration, and Career: Kyler is ramping up quickly with his cooking, fitness, and charisma skills. His woo-hoo skill must be amazing, for Acacia is positively blissed out. He’s making good progress with his culinary career, but he’s stalled out on moving ahead with his aspiration, for, though their friendship bar is maxed out, he hasn’t been able to select Acacia as his BFF. She had been Mesquite’s BFF during their youth, but they’re now just friends, so I’m currently waiting for the BFF option to show up. Then, it’s a future of dates and flirting for both of them!

Greatest Strength/Greatest Flaw: His cheerfulness is his greatest strength. He’s a rock when others are going through tough times, like grieving for loved ones or even just having a tough day at work or school. I don’t think he has an actual flaw. If he does, I haven’t discovered it. He does have an unusual physical trait: his shoulders are narrow and his hips are wide. But he works out all the time, so it’s not really noticeable.

Favorite activities: Running on the treadmill.

Share a secret: Kyler talks during woo-hoo. Not just vocalization and laughing, like most Sims. But actual conversations. I guess he wants to connect with Acacia through her mind, too, not just her body, and Acacia, genius that she is, loves it.

Mesquite Bough

Gen 2 spare
Loner. Music lover. Lazy.
Aspiration: Friend of the World.


Mesquite, feeling proud that he tried to plea for Paris’s mom’s life. Grim wouldn’t buy it–and later Mesquite grieved for days–but he felt really good that he had the confidence to try.

Mesquite was a great kid, and he’s been a great adult. As a loner, he tends to keep to himself, but he’s always kind to others. He’s a good listener, he’s funny, and he’s mischievous.

Mesquite has this desire to challenge his personal limitations. As a loner, he rolled “Social Butterfly” for his childhood aspiration and “Friend of the World” for his adult aspiration. While he loves people, he gets really drained after spending much time with them. He needs his alone time! (A loner myself, I can totally empathize!)

And, as a lazy Sim, he had the desire to become an astronaut, one of the most physically demanding jobs. When I clicked “Find a Job” on his phone, he got the thought-bubble for astronaut. His mom was an astronaut and only made it to Level 8, so it seems that he wants to be able to fulfill her unfulfilled dream of reaching the top of the astronaut career. He’s not nearly as into it as she is, but he is a good sport about it.

Facing his limitations and accepting personal challenge does seem to be an integral part of who he is.

He has also, after spending all of his young adulthood single, just become an amazing lover and a true romantic.

Skills, Aspiration, and Career: Mesquite is highly skilled in logic, fitness, cooking, charisma, and piano-playing. He’s been so busy with his career and home responsibilities that he hasn’t had as much leisure for skilling up as he’d like. (Renaissance Sim would have been such a more fitting aspiration for him!) He’s currently on level 8 of the astronaut career, and he’s in good shape to reach the top. He’s stalled out on level 2 of his aspiration. It’s just so challenging to make and keep all those friends and good friends for a loner like him!

Greatest Strength/Greatest Flaw: His kind heart and patience are his greatest strengths. He’s seldom angry at anyone, and he is such an empathetic listener. His greatest flaw may be his love of mischief, but this is a pretty minor flaw and one that I find inherently lovable.

Favorite activities: Playing the piano. I hope he gets more time for this in the future.

Share a secret: He does *not* have a thing for Paris, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Anya Schaefer

Girlfriend of Gen 2 Spare
Ambitious. Family-oriented. Glutton.
Aspiration: Master Mixologist


“Ok. Yeah, you’re right, Sadness Hotline Counselor, I never did know Timothy Milton. But that’s what makes his death so sad to me. Now I never WILL know him!”

Despite my fears that she’d be a psycho girlfriend, Mesquite really seems to love Anya, and she is crazy about him. She’s got the cutest haircut, great fashion (which she’s always changing around), and a love of drama. She’s also a bit of a goofball, though that’s not an official trait. She loves doing impersonations and cracking jokes. I’m actually beginning to like her!

And it’s nice to have another woman in the household. And anyone who makes Mesquite happy has got to be ok!

Skills, Aspiration, and Career: She’s just moved into the game, so she doesn’t have many skills yet, but she’s quickly picking up cooking, mixology, and comedy. I’m optimistic about her becoming an master mixologist, and since she’s in the culinary career, her career and aspiration ambitions should dove-tail nicely.

Greatest Strength/Greatest Flaw: Her quirkiness is her greatest strength. She surprises me by breaking out in jokes, but heading over on her own to mourn Paris and Mesquite’s moms, and by her enthusiasm for life. I cannot stand to watch her eat, so I’d have to say her glutton trait is her greatest flaw. Or maybe it’s that she loves to get into arguments with Kyler.

Favorite activities: Mourning Sims she has never met.

Share a secret: Whenever Mesquite is around, she immediately switches into a flirty mood.

Paris Cornell

Townie and family friend
Neat. Hot-Head. Childish.
Aspiration: Angling Ace.


“Just chilaxing in the kitchen with my ‘just friends’ friend and his new bestie…”

Paris moved in to help out when Acacia was a young adult, overly busy with her new career in technology, and Mesquite was still in high school, struggling to maintain his A.

He’d been a family friend since he turned into a teen–literally. He stepped off the Pirate Ship, spun around into teenhood, and has been a friend ever since. He was there when Cedar and Timothy died. After he moved in, his mom and sister came over often to visit, and his mom died on the property and is buried in the family graveyard.

I always thought that he might develop into a romantic interest for Acacia or Mesquite. But nothing ever developed. He may have a secret unrequited love for Acacia, but I’m not sure. And he and Mesquite have made it really clear to me that there’s nothing between them. They’re just friends.

Still, this generation owes so much to Paris. He’s kept the garden thriving. He’s kept the house clean (frenetically), and he’s repaired appliances, cooked meals, and trimmed the bonsai.

Sometimes I feel guilty that he’s given his whole life to serving the Boughs, but he seems really, really happy. He even laughs in his sleep. And he gets all the toys he wants, whenever he wants, which is important to a childish Sim.

Skills, Aspiration, and Career: He has high gardening, cooking, and handiness skills. He loves to paint, so his painting skills are pretty high, too. His job is to keep up the home and property, and he’s doing an awesome job. He hasn’t had time to fish, poor guy. I just can’t figure out how to get him to a fishing spot when all the other family members need to be doing something else at home. Maybe I can wait until they’re all asleep and then send him to the park.

Greatest Strength/Greatest Flaw: His good-natured helpfulness is his greatest strength. Plus he’s so affectionate, always coming up to hug Acacia or Mesquite. (Seriously, they’re all “just good friends.”). His hot-headedness is his flaw. But since he only uses it to destroy the doll-house, he only hurts himself with it.

Even with all his good qualities, I find him the weirdest Sim I’ve ever played.

Favorite activities: Destroying his doll house, then weeping over its destruction. Playing with modeling clay.

Share a secret: Dino (the giant stuffed dinosaur) is his best friend. (full-friendship bar!)