Heading into a (Nearly) Full House

“Hey, Mom! Did you hear what I did? I helped Uncle Mesquite meet somebody! Now he’s got a girlfriend!”


Yes. I know the sink is broken. When Acacia fixes it, she’ll have completed her 15th upgrade/repair on the way to the nerd-brain aspiration.

Mesquite asked Anya to move in right after she (over-enthusiastically) agreed to become his girlfriend.

It’s a little awkward with Paris there, always around when Mesquite wants a little one-on-one time with her. Here, Paris is talking about woo-hoo (seriously, that was what was in his conversation bubble). Mesquite at this time had a big thought bubble with Paris’s face and the red-line drawn through it. “No Paris.”


“So, see, first you sit on the bed… right?”

Umm… Paris? It looks like there are some weeds in the garden.

Mesquite was really happy to have Anya around.


“What yellow plumbob? I’ve got plenty of energy!”

And Anya was pretty happy to be there herself.


“Where am I? Not that it really matters…”

I still have my doubts. This is where I find her every few moments, out mourning Timothy or Cedar. She has yet to complete making a meal or a drink. She gets out the cutting board or shaker, then next thing I know, she has a thought bubble of Timothy or Cedar, and I find her out here, mourning Sims she never knew.


“Oh. Timothy. You’ll never get to meet your grandkids.”

Acacia, meanwhile, was expecting her and Kyler’s second child.


“The only thing I don’t like about this is that it makes it hard to reach the keyboard when I’m sitting at the computer doing my livestream game-play.”

She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who had Kyler and her grandma Cedar’s dark complexion. They named her Manzanita, another Bough of the family tree.


“My little game-play girl! You’re going the best video-game player, I know it!”

Kyler, exhausted from working hard to earn his next promotion, still remains cheerful.


“So…. much… to be… thankful… for.” Go to sleep, Ky. Your plumbob is red.

Soon it was time for his adult birthday.

Mesquite was the entertainer and he changed into this swanky lounge jacket. He played piano during the entire party and didn’t have to talk with anyone the whole time. I’ve never seen him happier.


I’m tellin’ ya, babe, you shoulda been an entertainer for your career!

Look what Anya wore!


“My boyfriend is so cool!”

It was a great party, in spite of refrigerator traffic jams, guests blocking the bassinet so no one else could get in to change Manzanita’s diapers, and crazy Colt Lozano.


“No! That was NOT me sleeping on the park bench in my filthy t-shirt!”

Look what Paris created when he was feeling focused!


The double-helix. And I thought Paris’s mind was empty!

Acacia tries to sneak in some reading whenever she can. As of this writing, she still has 11 more books to read to complete the final geek-brain milestone.


“No. I’m not sleepy. Just let me finish this chapter. Then the next. Just let me finish this book. Then the next.”

Mesquite’s working hard to reach the top of the astronaut career to fill his mom’s dreams. And Anya, in the orange space suit, is only too happy to help out with a little extra space time.


“Anya, I’ll follow you to the furthest reaches of space!”

Great holy llamas! She’s spacey enough to do it!


“Where am I? What was I going to do?”

Acacia, in spite of her own quirkiness, provides one point of normalcy in this ever-more-weird extended family. I appreciate what a good mom she is and the way she’s holds this family together.


“You’re a good baby, Manzanita.”