Quick! Is there an exorcist in the house?

Something really strange happened when Manzanita transitioned into childhood. She’d been a really happy and easy baby up until the last day of infancy, when she stopped breast-feeding, became hungry immediately after being bottle-fed, and woke exhausted after sleeping for hours.

Then, when I used the Random Trait Generator to determine her trait, she rolled the one trait I’ve been dreading and hoping to avoid throughout this legacy: evil.

She had the reddest plumbob I’ve ever seen.


“Out. Of. My. Way.”

When she became a child, her fun meter was red. Her hygiene meter was red. Her energy meter was red. Her social meter was yellow. And her hunger meter was nearly empty.

For a moment, I had a wicked thought. Maybe she will starve to death, and then I won’t have to play an evil Sim or a household that has an evil Sim in it!

When I became conscious of that thought, I paused. I reflected on what I know about life. Sometimes, those that are hardest to love are the ones that need love the most.


“Yeah. I don’t really need what you call *love.* I have my own power. And it is even greater than this thing you call love.”

Her wishes scare me. She wishes to “Get to know… Acacia,” and then, after a nice friendly conversation (just don’t watch her facial expressions, and you can pretend it’s a friendly conversation), she wishes to be mean to Acacia.


“Nice Mommy. Now let me hurt you!”

Yeah. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t think we’ll be having any mean interactions in this family.

Palo Verde

“Oh. Looks like my sister aged up! Good! That means one more friend for me… or…. err… maybe not.”

So far, Palo Verde seems to be doing a good job of staying out of her way.

Palo Verde

Why are you eating outside, buddy? “Err… my sister is in there.”


“Mwahahaha! One day, my fine friend Bonaparte, you and I will rule the world, from Pleasantville to Sunset Valley!”

Fortunately, she rolled the Artistic Prodigy aspiration, and she loves drawing and playing with clay. In fact, while she was “drawing three pictures while inspired,” she became 100% happy without a single mean wish! So, as of right now, my plan is to have her spend all free time drawing while a child and painting while a teen, keeping my fingers crossed that she never rolls “goofball” for her trait (since that’s the exemplar trait which would make her the heir), and move her out just as soon as she hits young adulthood.


“You won’t be able to move me out if I merge with my brother.” Stop, you fiend! Enough of your scary powers!

Palo Verde, meanwhile, is just one mental point away from completing the whiz kid aspiration–and he has just one day to do it! I see ahead of us 24 hours of no-sleep potion and chess. Hang in there, little buddy! It will totally be worth it! (Especially if you become the heir, which I’m hoping to holy llamas is the case!)

Palo Verde

“So then I said, ‘Why not pull out a big yellow banana?’ Hahahaha!”