The Royal Llama Tamer

"Chock Tee!"

“Chock Tee!”

Little Palo Verde (aka His Royal Cuteness) totally rocked his childhood. With 24 Sim hours to spare, he earned his Whiz Kid childood aspiration. He was a straight A student who loved to breese through his homework. With no effort on either of our parts, he maxed his social skills and made loads of friends (all adults. Oh, well. He hasn’t been off the home lot yet, except for school!) And he got to level 5 in both creative and motor skills.

Plus (thank you, again, Palo Verde), he helped his loner uncle, Mesquite, meet the love of his life, Anya. (Oh. Wait. Am I really thanking PV for his role in bringing Anya into the family? Well, Mesquite thanks you, so thank you.)

The evening before PV’s birthday, Uncle Mesquite became Space Sherrif. He’s looking good in his Captain Pickard uniform.


“And, the peace of the known universe lies in my hands.”

Wait. What’s that on the stove?


Fire waiting to happen

Right. I asked Anya to cook. That means it’s “time to mourn Cedar.” Yeah, ok. I seriously give up, Anya. I’m giving you nearly total autonomy from here on out. You want to spend all your free time feeling sad from mourning Sims you never met? Go for it! Those sadness hotline volunteers would be out of their volunteer-work if it weren’t for you, so I guess you’re doing somebody some good.


“Something about cooking just makes me think about dearly departed loved ones.” Anya, you never even met Cedar. “I know. That’s what makes it so sad.”

Because I love Mesquite, I let him be the entertainer for PV’s party. He had a great time.


“I know my plumbob is yellow. Don’t worry. The party’s still going. And really, with music, I can keep on all night…”

Acacia was the caterer–and she rocked! After making a delicious roast chicken, she autonomously made cake! AND added the candles! Acacia seriously is a smarter Sim.

I was so nervous about having the party with Manzanita around. I remembered growing up how my brother and one of my cousins used to feel so gleeful whenever they could make family members feel miserable at family parties and celebrations, and I was really worried that this evil little sister would do the same.

But little Ms. Manzanita was great! She came home from school very bored, so she played Arithmatic Attack (her choice). Then she did her homework (my choice). By then, her mom was done with the catering chores (You rock, Acacia!), so she spent the rest of the party socializing with her mom (her choice). Nicely, too. They even shared an autonomous hug. Awww. Her mom has not yet discovered what her daughter’s trait is. (At this point, only Anya knows. And she’s been sworn not to tell.)


“Hey. I love parties. Why would I be mean? Mwahahaha!”

Oh. My. Palo Verde? What did you wish for?


“World. Here. I. AM!”

He wished that his aspiration would fit his true self.


“Ha! Yeah! I DO look good!”

He rolled Jokester.

His teen trait is foodie, just like his dad! Now they’ll both be taking cell phone photos of every single meal and uploading it to their Twitter pages!

Gosh. I’m just a little speechless.


“Cool doods, bro! Bwahahahaha!”

This really wasn’t intended to be an uglacy.


“Son, I’m so proud of you. Straight A’s. Whiz Kid. Now foodie. You surpass my dreams.”

And don’t you remember what your childhood nickname was, PV?


“Oh, yeah. I can strut my stuff with the best of the stuff-strutters.”

He inherited his dad’s body. We’ll have to see what a difference the treadmill might make. Not getting my hopes up.


“And I can draw rainbows, and VW bugs, and butterflies, and burning corpses. Mwahahaha!”

So far my fears and worries about Manzanita seem to be unfounded. As long as I keep her plumbob out of the red, and keep her fun meter filled with creative activities, she seems ok. She even went out to mourn her grandma all on her own, something her brother and mom have never done.


“So, grandma. What’s it like to be, you know, dead?”

“Last one on the bus is a llama mama!”

09-27-14_5-29 PM


“Got a new nickname now. They call me the Royal Llama Tamer.”