Pre-Game-Play Thoughts: Setting Goals

With seven Sims in the house (including one who’s evil and one who’s orbitting her own special planet), I want to set a few goals for each before launching into tonight’s game-play session.


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Acacia: Acacia came home from work bored the other day. First time she’d been bored since grade school! She’s reached the top of her career, so I think it may be time for new challenges for this smart Sim. Unless she objects, I plan to have her quit her job so she can focus on completing her adult aspiration (she needs to finish reading 7 more books and earn two more skill points in logic), as well as have some time for scientific and creative works. She loves to use the microscope and observatory, and, though she has the creatively gifted trait from completing her childhood aspiration, she’s hardly used her creative talents in adulthood. Poor girl has been working ever since graduating from high school. Now that the family has a pretty good savings account and a fairly decent income, I’d like to give her a little more time to pursue her favorite activities.

Besides, she’s going to be plenty busy helping Kyler fulfill his soulmate aspiration!


When Kyler looks like this, you can tell he’s looking over his shoulder at Acacia. He devours her with his eyes…

Kyler: Kyler finally had the “Become Best Friends” social with Acacia, so now he and Acacia can get busy having dates and enjoying romantic interactions. Oh, boy. Good thing they enjoy time together!

Mesquite: Mesquite is so close to the top of the Astronaut career. I think he’s just a fraction of a fitness skill point away. That’s the main focus for him right now.

Anya: At this point, I’m just trying to keep Anya alive. She won’t complete any of the actions I direct her to, so I’ll just basically do my best to keep her from starving herself. I’ve really never had a Sim like her before–total free will because she cancels out all my actions, and a free will that’s a little, well, self-destructive? She just wants to mourn Cedar and Timothy. And then cry it out. And then maybe drink juice. Or no, let’s mourn Cedar, instead. Whatever, Anya. I’m just going to try to keep you alive.

Paris: Paris has become so kind and so affectionate. He’s really checking in with everybody to make sure that little Ms. Manzanita isn’t terrorizing them, and he’s even kind to Ms. Manzanita, too. I love Paris. Someday, I hope to take him to the park so he can fish. In the meantime, I’ll just be grateful for everything he does every day to help out this family.


“World. Here. I. AM!”

The Royal Llama Tamer (aka Palo Verde): The RLT is doing well moving on up with his aspiration–it just comes so naturally to him. He only needs to complete his extra credit one more time, and he’ll be eligible for earning an A in high school. It’s time for him to start looking out for girls (or guys) he might like, in case he is the heir. (Fingers and toes crossed!)

Little Ms. Manzanita: She needs to continue working hard to develop her creative skills, which she fortunately loves to do and which makes her very happy, on her way to completing her childhood creative prodigy aspiration. I’d love for her to earn an A, but getting the skill points for this is second priority to completing the creative aspiration. And, my main objective with her is to keep her from being mean to family members, as much as possible. She, like Anya, is a high free will Sim, only doing those activities I suggest which she likes and not accepting when I cancel the activities she really wants to do. Like yell at her uncle Mesquite. So, I’ll just try to do my best to keep her busy drawing and playing the screechy violin.


“And I can draw rainbows, and VW bugs, and butterflies, and burning corpses. Mwahahaha!”