I felt almost heartbroken when I saw Paris in his NPC service Sim costume.


“Yeah. Don’t worry about me. Or the dishes. I’ll get them after I finish eating this omelet that I made. There’s more in the fridge, if you’re hungry.” 

I really think that’s how he feels sometimes, like a non playable character that I’m just using to garden, clean house, and repair appliances.

What about his aspiration of becoming an angling ace?

It’s been floundering. And I don’t mean “flounder” as in the fish.

He hasn’t been fishing since he and Acacia were young adults. and she was fishing for a spouse.

Plus, I feel like I’ve short-shrifted Paris in some of my posts, making fun of his childish and affectionate nature.


“So, tell me about your past, Dino. Like way past. You know, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.”

Paris did something the other day that completely changed my view of him.

Manzanita was having a nice friendly conversation (highly supervised by me, I might add) with Mesquite over the breakfast table. Then I saw in her queue that she planned to yell at her uncle. I canceled the action immediately. She didn’t. And she proceeded to yell at him.

Paris was standing by watching all of this, looking carefully at his good friend Mesquite.

Ms. M

“Yeah, you think you’re all high and mighty because you’re an ASStroNOT! You’re NOTHING. Not even worth the space you take up–get it? Space? Astronaut? NOT! SNOT!”

When Mesquite got up from the table, Paris walked right up to him and hugged him. (Check out Baby in the background, strangely drawn to Little Ms. M.)


“It’s ok, buddy. Don’t let her words get to you. You’ve always been the greatest in my book.”

Oh, Paris, right now I love you!

He has been so amazing to this family, hugging Acacia or Mesquite to cheer them up, gleefully cleaning house, willingly caring for the garden, joyfully fixing things and keeping the household together while Acacia and Mesquite pursue their careers, aspirations, and families.


“It’s not all fun and games. I may be neat, but sometimes, the piles of dishes just get to me. Will my work ever be done?”

I try to give him as much free time as possible, which he always uses constructively, studying science with the microscope and observatory, trimming the bonzai, painting.


“I wish that, one way or another, I always remain a part of this family.”

Paris, thank you. I may not say it often, but I appreciate you so much. This legacy family would be so much worse off without you! You’ve kept the garden alive, the bonsai trimmed, the dishes washed, and the heir and spare well loved! You will always be a part of the Bough family.