Random Daze

Hey, there’s a typo in my title! It’s supposed to be “Days.” But the shoe fits, so I’m wearing it.

I’ve been wanting to throw an Incognito Costume Party ever since I saw it was an option. Back when the house was three-quarters full of loners, none of the Boughs wanted to throw any kind of party–birthday, wedding, party, dinner, whatever.

And then, the extended family just got busy, too busy for anything but the obligatory birthday party.

But now, with an outgoing Sim in the house, it seems like the perfect time for Cradle Rock to rock!

The Royal Llama Tamer has been moving right along with his aspiration of jokester. For him, it’s effortless! What a joy to finally have a Sim whose aspiration matches his traits and personality!


Joking around just comes naturally.

In fact, he’s such a natural at making other Sims laugh, that I’m going to have to be very careful that he doesn’t kill himself or anybody else. Two jokes, and everybody’s playful. Two more, and we’re talking danger. Pacing, RLT, pacing.

Palo Verde really enjoys chatting up the neighborhood walking club. He needs to introduce himself to ten Sims for his current milestone, and since I’m loathe to leave the lot when so many Sims at home need so many things, the street in front  is a great place to meet and greet.


“Arga! Arga!” Easy, PV. Some llamas are already tamed.

When his uncle Mesquite had to complete this task for the Friend of the World aspiration, it was torture. What loner wants to walk up to complete strangers? Wilty yellow flower all the way.


Look how Mesquite’s fists are clenched. Stranger danger!

Meanwhile, the Boughs are moving up! Acacia hacked herself to the top of the game-player career. And with that, she accomplishes her father Timothy’s successful lineage aspiration–though he didn’t live to see it on this Sim earth, I’m sure his electric spirit is smiling somewhere!


Hacking. Even smarter than working smart.

Now that she’s at the top, she comes home from work with the bored buff. Poor baby. Playing video games all day is so tedious.


“Yeah, I may look happy. I’m SimGuruAcacia now. But it’s so boring.”

I think it’s time for Acacia to retire so she can pursue other interests.


Hey! I just noticed that Acacia’s skirt is Dino-green!

Kyler finally gained the social of being able to ask Acacia to be his BFF, so now he’s passed milestone two and ready to knock off two great dates and whatever else is on the list.

Little Ms. M. is cruising towards her artistic prodigy aspiration. With six days left, all she needs is to draw four pictures and gain two creative skill points. I don’t even think she’ll need pull an all-nighter, and she might even be able to earn an A in school, too!

Baby Babcock loves hanging out with Little Ms. M. and helping her with her homework.


“There’s something about this child that I find strangely compelling.” 

It’s just a matter of time before Mesquite reaches the top of the astronaut career–he’s accomplished all the tasks, now he just needs to refrain from pranks and go to work in the right mood.

And Anya…


Right. Step one of the cooking process: leave the pan on the stove…


Step two. Go mourn Timothy (or Cedar)–neither of whom you’ve ever met! And do I need to remind you that you’re starving?

Sunday came. No school. Only Kyler and Anya have to work. It’s party time! The Royal Llama Tamer hosted and called everyone he knew. They’re mostly old.

Hey! Palo Verde! You’re dressed in normal clothes! Don’t you know this is a costume party?


“It’s an *incognito* costume party. No one will recognize the RLT in regular-looking duds!”

Note to self: next time you choose someone to father the next generation of Sims, be sure that Sim has shoulders.

Mesquite’s costume was pure self-expression.


Surely, he must have been a medieval monk in a past life.

Somehow this look seems to capture the essence of who he is in his digital soul.

And Paris–you dressed like an NPC service person! Is that how you feel?


Too. Much. Video. Games.

He’s actually not as sad as he looks. I had just found him playing BlicBlock on the gamepad with this “I’m so bored of this game” moodlet. “I’m bored, but I can’t stop!” Gee, Maxis. Are you trying to tell us something?

Four of the guests, including Baby Babcock, wore astronaut costumes, which made me laugh, since Mesquite is an astronaut for real, and both couples in the household belong to the Intergalactic Ecstasy Club.


That’s Baby Babcock in the helmet!

Acacia was the caterer so she had no costume, just the catering outfit which she loves to wear. And you look good in it, too, ‘Cacia!

Manzanita spent the entire party playing violin. But she kept her fun meter filled, moved up to level 8 creative skill, AND got the happy “great party” moodlet at the end of the bash! All without making anybody cry.


After the guests left, Manzanita entertained everyone with stories of little dead zombies.

Well, I don’t know if the party rocked, since most of the Sims were elders, but they all sat around and had some really good laughs, and no one died, and Little Ms. Manzanita wasn’t mean. (And Anya was at work.) So, yeah. I think it was a pretty good party–definitely worth the gold medal it earned!

And look what the RLT won from throwing such a great party!


“Sit. Stay. Roll over! Roll over!”