And Back Again

Wait! Is that Paris? Fishing? You mean he’s off the lot?


“Hmm. Fishing’s kinda boring.” Hey, it’s your aspiration, Paris, not mine!

Once Manzanita became a teen and Acacia completed her aspiration, I finally felt that I had the time to take Paris, the Royal Llama Tamer, and Ms. M to the park. Paris needs to fish for his aspiration. And I guess Manzanita needs fishing of a different type for her aspiration. And it’s never too soon for Palo Verde to begin looking for someone special. (And I have a feeling it will take someone special to be able to recognize what’s special about PV.)

At the park

Hey, check her out! She just might be goofy enough to fit right in!

Since the next day was Palo Verde’s birthday, he got to skip school and have a party instead.


“I’m so ready for whatever comes next.”

I wanted to invite that cute girl he met at the park, but, alas, the disappearing-townie-syndrome (DTS) has finally hit my game.

He had a few party crashers.

Palo Verde

“What do you say? You and me? Arga, arga!” 

“Are you talking to me?”


“Oh. That didn’t go over well.”

He rolled gloomy.


“Boring. Boring. Princess Leia at my party. Bummer.”

Gloomy? The Royal Llama Tamer? I was sure that he’d roll goofball! But gloomy?

As soon as he rolled gloomy, his fun meter became solid yellow. I guess gloomy Sims don’t get no fun. No fun for the Royal Llama Tamer? How can that be!


“When you look this good, who needs fun?”

Well, I guess if  you think about it, many of the funniest comedians are gloomy in their private lives. And maybe this will turn out to be PV’s saving trait. I mean, look on the bright side (and yes, PV, I’m allowed to look on the bright side, for I don’t have the gloomy trait–I’ve got the cheerful trait):  he’ll be much less likely to die of hysteria or kill his audience with his jokes  if he’s gloomy, right?


Enjoy this picture from PV’s teen days, for it just might be the last time we see that handsome smile.