Comes Around

Mesquite seems to know that something is off with Anya. She’s a family Sim who doesn’t roll family wants. She’s ambitious, yet she never wants to improve her skills so she can move up in her career. She’s a glutton, yet I can hardly get her to eat. I continually find her with her hunger meter in the red, her meal half-cooked on the stove, standing mourning over Timothy’s grave.

Yet Mesquite loves her all the same.


“Did I ever tell you that you’re beautiful when you’re sad?”

Of all the Sims at Cradle Rock, Anya is the one with the strangest sense of propriety.


Is that Kyler in the shower?

At least she had enough awareness to feel embarrassed. Poor Kyler was mortified.

I didn’t choose what she’s wearing. I give each Sim five different outfits of every type, and then they can choose what to wear. I like being surprised.

But maybe not this surprised!


There’s a teenage boy at home, Anya. And your boyfriend’s sister’s husband. And Paris.

Because Anya never listens to me, I’ve been leaving her on free will, only directing her when she’s in danger of dying of starvation. She has started to use the microscope. Her developing logic skills really seem to be helping her. She’s spending less time mourning, more time skilling, and she doesn’t have that dopey, spaced out look quite so often.

I noticed that she had Mesquite’s icon in one of her whim bubbles. I expected to find, “Chat with Mesquite” when I moused over it. But instead it said “Get married to Mesquite.” All right! Finally a family-oriented wish!

After Mesquite proposed, she didn’t act psycho. She remained calm, relaxed, and affectionate. See–a little development of the mind does wonders!


“Marry me, Anya?” Ok. She does look a little freaked out. But it didn’t get worse than this.

She jumped into his arms.


Wacky love. Oh. Ok. Maybe she is freaking out a little bit.

You can tell how much Mesquite is into her by the way he’s checking her out.


“She’s got that something special.”

Everybody wanted to get in shape for the wedding.


Both kids inherited their dad’s shape. Maybe a different workout outfit would be a good idea, Manzy. Ever consider the yellow sweatsuit? 

They were so eager for the wedding that they had it the next day, as soon as Anya got home from work, which was around 10:00 p.m. Most of the household was asleep, but they got up on their own to watch the exchange of vows.


“Hey, this wedding makes me so happy!” Yeah? Because of your soul-mate aspiration? “No, because Anya’s fun meter is in the red, and her misery just brings me such joy!”

This party-crasher just showed up. Nobody knows him. Since the Boughs always throw gold-medal parties, they get all sorts of uninvited guests. It’s ok, though, since the townies are starting to disappear.


Are you flirting with the bride?

Ah! Cake for a glutton!


Just try putting the whole piece in your mouth.

Acacia, as always, was an amazing caterer, but she was too tired to stay up for the entire ceremony.


“Why did we start the wedding at 10:15, anyway? And on a school night?”

Sleeping arrangements that night were rather odd.

Mesquite crawled into bed with Acacia.


“I just want to remember the simplicity of being a kid, ok?”

Since Mesquite had taken his spot, Kyler slept in Mesquite and Anya’s bed. And Palo Verde joined him.


“I’m just napping.”

So, Anya took Manzanita’s bed, since Manzy’s made a deal with the devil and gets to stay up all night.


“Hey, it’s a princess bed. And I’ll always be a princess.”