What’s Around the Corner?

Look! Palo Verde’s smiling! I guess gloomy Sims can feel happy, too.


“We live in the desert. It’s sunny 300 days of the year. That gives me only 50 days of gloomy. Better get used to this smile!”

When I checked his fun meter, it was full green, so I guess the yellow fun meter from the previous night was a gloomy glitch.

PV needed to earn 2,500 simoleans to make the next jokestar milestone–and he had earned only 75 so far.

The rest of the household was asleep, so he headed out to Rattlesnake Bar. Hey, where can you find a better inaugural audience than at a bar at 4:00 a.m.? I mean, they’ve been up all night drinking, right? So they’re bound to find your jokes funny.

The only problem was that I had forgotten that the bar didn’t have the entertainer’s mike–the lounge and nightclub did!

Oh, well. It wasn’t worth another loadscreen to head over to another lot, so we checked in the Rattlesnake to see who was there.

Hey, isn’t this guy the entertainer from PV’s birthday party? And look, that woman who gave him the cold shoulder is there, too.

But who’s this tending bar? She’s got some really sweet moves.

Her name is Cassandra Montano, and her name is like music to PV’s ears.


“Excuse me, Mr. Entertainer Guy. You’ve got some smooth moves, but I’m really trying to make eye contact with that guy on the other side of you.”

She and PV couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. Even when she was talking with Ms. Cold Shoulder, it was Palo Verde who filled her gaze.


“Yes, yes. Interesting. Glad you like that drink I made. So, what were you saying, Mr. Bough?”

He learned right away that she was noncommittal, but that’s ok. Marriage is over-rated, in PV’s perspective.

PV wanted to get home before Manzanita took off for school, just to make sure that his little sister caught the bus ok.

Once the bus pulled down the street, he called to invite Cassandra to hang out at Cradle Rock. We got the message that she was already on the lot.

Strange, I looked all over, but I couldn’t find her.

PV worked on his comedy routines a bit, and then he called to invite her over a second time. This time, we got the message that she’d be right over. She walked with the sad walk, so she must have been over at the graveyard the last time she was over. (No, I’m thinking, not another graveyard stalker!)


“Life is so short. Make it longer in game options.”

PV shared some gloomy thoughts with her, and that seemed to put her sadness in perspective. She became flirty right away.


“You’ve got the best wardrobe, PV! I meant it!”

They sat in the kitchen together and talked. Or rather, PV talked, and Cassandra flirted with him the whole time. She complemented him on his wardrobe.

“No, really! I really like your clothes! You must have won the birthday-dresser to have great clothes like that!”

Three or four times, she told him how much she liked the way he dressed.

That’s all it took for her to win my heart–any woman who can appreciate the Royal Llama Tamer’s true self-expression has got to be ok!

As they were sitting together, she started really getting into the electronica they were listening to, so I could tell she’s a music lover.

Pretty soon, she had to go. I mean she’d been up all night bar-tending, so she was probably exhausted.

It was all I could do to wait to have PV ask her out on an actual date–but I figured she needed a little time to rest up.

PV wrote some jokes and polished his routines. Then he asked her to meet her at the nightclub in Willow Creek for a real date.

She arrived in her party clothes, feeling flirty and looking smart.


“Oh, yes. Funny men just get me where it counts.”

The bar was full of women! They’re all legacy lovers that I downloaded in case PV needed a little help finding someone cute. Sorry, women. It looks like we won’t be needing you. I’ll be sure to download some cute guys, though, ok?

Legacy Lovers

“I thought you said we’d have a chance at being in your legacy.”

Their date was a complete success, and they were so adorable with each other, holding deep conversations, dancing together spontaneously, following each other around, and really becoming close friends. I’ve never had a romance come so easy. But the PV has experience, since he was the match-maker for Mesquite and Anya.


“I’m so glad you like music, too.”

When the date was over, she hung around the lot. I was so nervous I’d lose her to DTS (disappearing townie syndrome) that I had Palo Verde ask her to move in as soon as the option showed up. And she did.


This is the man who has stolen Cassandra’s heart.