Who Needs Cake When You’ve Got Fire?

At breakfast the next morning, Cassandra introduced herself to Anya. And Anya, who considers herself an expert, talked about woo-hoo. Cassandra and PV haven’t even shared a first kiss yet, but Cassandra’s a sport. She didn’t find the conversation awkward. Not one bit.


“So, are you saying that I should experiment with making different kinds of animal noises, Anya?”

When Mesquite and Anya get flirty with each other, on free will Anya will change her outfit from her over-sized sleeping shirt into this:


Dressed for the kill.

I knew she knew what that outfit was all about when she was wandering around the lot wearing it the other morning. She can’t claim ignorance to me! She may look and act ditsy, but this Sim is sly as a fox. Or make that a tiger.

She and Mesquite don’t talk during woo-hoo: she makes tiger noises, and he says, “Ouch!” (I’m not making this up.) But since she completely satisfies him, what goes on under those covers is really none of my business.

Cassandra’s first day living with the Boughs was Paris’s birthday.


“So, who’s Paris? Is he like your uncle or something?”
(Man, Cassandra looks so much like a young Cedar in this photo.)

I really wanted Paris to enjoy his birthday. He’s given so much to this family–let’s give him something nice in return!

He had the wish for a new toy, so I bought him the big stuffed dragon. Now he’s got three big friends.

Kyler catered; Mesquite was at work, so we hired a violinist from the symphony as the entertainer.


“Hey, little bunny. You enjoying your garden salad?”

Kyler had made a chocolate cake the night before, but everyone was hungry at breakfast time and ate it before the party even started. No problem. Acacia can make another one.

The mixologist got a little carried away with flaming drinks and set the bar on fire.

The Oasis Springs symphony must hire some pretty tough musicians, for the entertainer set down her violin immediately and rushed over with the fire extinguisher.


Even when the bar is burning, Cassandra and PV can’t take their eyes off each other!

Acacia helped put the fire out, since she’s had experience as a fire-fighter.


“Man, I love this! It makes me feel young!”

Still, even after we replaced the bar, everyone was so stressed out.

The party earned a silver medal. Not bad, considering that everyone was tense and tired and smelly and  I couldn’t get anyone to play games or listen to music.

All I cared about was that nobody died, and Paris was happy that he had a party.


“I don’t know why you worry about me so much. I’m a happy guy.” And you’re eating your cake all alone. And your eyebrows are crinkled up like you’re sad. If I were there, I’d sit next to you and we could chat about the old days, and I’d get you to smile a real smile.