Personal Musings on Glitches

Mercury’s retrograde, and my game is glitching.

In the past, when I’ve played legacies, strange things begin to happen around generation three. Town residents die off, homes don’t become repopulated, and townies disappear. This is happening with TS4.

We can work around those type of glitches.

But last night, I was unable to save my game. I’m hoping this isn’t a warning sign that the legacy family is becoming unplayable. I don’t want the Boughs to join my list of aborted TS2 and TS3 legacies. I want to get to generation 10!

To switch my mindset, I’m thinking about some of the benefits of game glitches.

Of course, legacy readers know that glitches can lend hilarity to our stories (See the pot of mac and cheese in Log 2e of the Wolff Legacy and Nancy Landgraab’s mop in Chapter 23 of Gather Ye Rosebuds.)

But aside from the slapstick, glitches can help us to switch from product to process. I will need to replay two Sim days since my  game didn’t save. And that gives me two extra days with Acacia before her elderly demise. It lets me enjoy the experience of playing, rather than racing through to the next generation.

Twenty years ago, when I played at MOOs during the early days of the Internet, I came to view lag as a blessing. In the midst of a frenetic chat-spree, lag would enter in. I could raise my eyes from the computer screen, stretch, remember to breathe, and savor the words that the other members of this online community and I were sharing.

I started looking for lag in other areas of my life–waiting in line at the bank (back then, we actually went to the bank to cash our checks), stopping at a red light, even the pauses in conversation. And my life became richer.

I’m looking at glitches in the same way. Yes, there may be some inconvenience. I may need to redo projects or tasks. But life’s not a race. And neither is my TS4 legacy. The experience is more important than the completion.