The Bride and Bridegroom Were Happy


“I’m not running from something; I’m running towards it.”

For Palo Verde and Cassandra, it was a beautiful wedding.

For Acacia, who baked a chicken, a white-and-black tiered cake, and an apple pie, it was a night of revelation.

For Paris, it was an occasion for embarrassment.

For Mesquite, there was only music.

For Anya, there was… whatever.

For Manzanita, it was a chance to feel the power of her true self.

For Kyler, it was an event containing all the complexity of family: love, needs, conflicts, resolution, happiness, and a sense of impending departure and sorrow.

In other words, it was a family affair.

Cassandra was adorable flirting with PV at the bar.


“Hey, good-looking. I see you at the other end of the bar!”

They fell into a deep conversation, and she revealed to him her fear of commitment.


“I’m just not sure I can settle down. It’s really frightening to me.”

Kyler, who overheard the conversation, wasn’t concerned. In fact, he took it as a good sign that she would confess her worries so openly before the ceremony.


Eduardo the mixologist, on the other hand, is not so sure. “Hey. I’ve been to a lot of weddings.”

Eduardo had a bit of a thing for Paris.

At the bar

“You know, weddings are a place for music. You and me, hot pink. We could make beautiful music together.”

But Paris didn’t take kindly to Eduardo’s flirtations. He had the “awkward encounter” moodlet and kept having thought-bubbles with Eduardo’s image and the red line through it. “No Eduardo.” Don’t worry, Paris! I get the message!


“What is it about an unmarried guy who loves big stuffed animals, house-cleaning, and gardening that makes everyone assume he’s gay?”

Acacia cooked up a storm. It was fine while Kyler sat at the patio kitchen to keep her company.


“Babe, you really know how to whip up that cake!”

But later, when Manzanita ate her supper out there, Acacia discovered Manzanita’s hidden trait. I cancelled out a few exchanges to prevent it from getting ugly. Bummer. And again, no photos. I find Manzy so captivating that, while I store all sorts of images of her in my mind’s eye, I somehow never manage to actually press “C”.

Cedar showed up to paint a wedding present for the happy couple.


“I hope they will always have a happy home.”

It was a beautiful ceremony.


“I’m so doing this thing.”

Palo Verde was adorably bashful.


“You make me feel like a ten-year-old!”

Cassandra quoted Shakespeare.


“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.”

After the ceremony, PV was so happy that he broke out the confetti-shooter!


Hitchcock would have loved the symbolism.

With hours left on the party meter, and a gold medal fully in place, the family used the remaining time to catch up on neglected chores.

Acacia, with her super-fix-up, insta-repair abilities, fixed all the appliances that broke during the party. (Why is it that stuff always breaks during weddings?)


“Acacia, you’ve turned out to be such a super woman! Caterer, home-repairer! All while you’re the mother of the groom!”

Not to be out-done in helpfulness, the bride even chipped in to wash dishes.


“I’m so happy. Can a Sim die of happiness?”

When she had a few minutes alone, Cassandra took a moment to reflect on her good fortune.


“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” Shakespeare, again?

At moments when our hearts are deeply stirred, we turn to well-trusted words.