‘Til We See Through You

Acacia lived for seven Sim days on the champagne bubbles in her age bar. During that time, she was there for Palo Verde and Cassandra’s wedding, to see Mesquite and Anya become elders, and to cater Manzanita’s young adult birthday party.


Mesquite had a great party! He looks very distinguished as an elder.

I had the feeling that it was important to her to see Manzanita age up before she left. Maybe she wanted to know which of her two children would continue the legacy.

For the first few days after we received notices that her time was nearly up, her family showered her with attention. Then, except for Kyler, they started drifting off, becoming involved with their own affairs. Maybe they felt like she would be with them always and it was just a false notice. Or maybe, to ease the pain of separation, they began to distance themselves. Or maybe they just became busy with the details of living.

Acacia spent her time cooking casseroles and baking cakes and pies. She had never cooked so much on free will! She also continuously gathered and cleaned the dirty dishes. I guess she wanted to be sure that her family would be well fed and living in a clean house–she wanted to have all the family affairs in order before leaving. It’s a different type of nesting.


This photo actually makes me really sad. I just miss Acacia and her bright, self-assured walk, striding through the kitchen with a huge pile of dirty dishes. I can’t believe that when I play the household at Cradle Rock, she won’t be there.

She painted and maxed out her video gaming skills.


“I am officially the game goddess!”

She was alone in the outside kitchen, getting started on fixing the fridge, when Grim came.

Mesquite, rising from his nap, came to witness the death, but then he cancelled the action and headed over to the mic by the bar to tell jokes.


“What? This place is a mess! The fridge is broken and there’s a puddle on the patio! I’m so outa here. I’m going to tell some jokes.”

Acacia was alone with Grim, and she seemed to feel at peace on being reunited with her first crush.


“I’m alight for you, Grim! You always did know how to turn me on!”

Meanwhile, the family joked around the bar, passing the time until Manzanita blew out the candles.


“So, Manzanita! Once you blow out those candles, you’ll be drinking age! Never mind that you’ve been sipping salty llamas since you became a teen.”

Grim had time to catch a few jokes before heading off to the next assignment.


“Is it dark in here, or is it me?”

Acacia Bough. Super woman. Puts out fires. Saves lives. Maxes cooking skills, video gaming skills, logic skills. Completes her childhood aspiration and her adult aspiration. Reaches the top of the video game profession. Brings two of the most surprising Sims into existence. Walks around with the most cocky, I-am-the-greatest stride ever. Puts the AWE into awesome.


Love you, Acacia.

Bye, Acacia. Next time I see you, I’ll see through you.