HWC: Week 1, Day 1

As I became an adult, I found myself in the unenviable position of having no skills, no relationships, no job.

I knew my name, Harrington D’Arcy.

I knew what was important to me: having a family, being cheerful, filling my life with music.

But beyond that, I knew nothing or no one.  I seemed to have no memory of my past.

I felt myself sliding into an existential funk.

I began browsing the Internet to see if there were others like me. Somehow, I thought I might feel better if I could name my symptom.


What terms should I google? “Lost and confused?” “Dazed and Amazed?” “Friederich Nietzche?”

And then, when I was looking through a webpage about legacy founders, with whom I felt some strange connection, I came across a banner ad for a new government initiative: The Wonder Child Challenge.

This seemed like it might be the answer! The program would even match me with a woman, which, I must admit, seemed a little odd and a little creepy. I was not accustomed to matchmakers, especially when some government bureaucrat is the matchmaker. But then, with no memory, how did I know what I was accustomed to? And what did I have to lose, after all?

It was at this point that I identified my true aspiration: If I could somehow create a successful lineage–you know, contribute to the growth and development of child who might do something good in the world, then I would feel like my life had been worth something, after all.

The online government matching service asked me all sorts of questions, and they must have pretty powerful coding behind their program, for they selected Sally Bennet. Such a nice English name. We seem like we will be a good match, for she’s also family-oriented and cheerful. She’s a bookworm, bless her heart.

Sally Bennet

This is Sally. We look like we both just appeared here from out of nowhere.

And now here we start. In our new home, ready to get to know each other and begin our adventure raising a child who will offer something special to the world. I will keep a log of our journey, so that when this child becomes famous, his biographers will have a record of what went into making him the person that he will become.

I just hope that Sally and I have chemistry together.