HWC: Week 1, Day 5

I woke this morning to our surprise: Little Emma Bennet had been born during the night while I slept.


When I first saw them together like this, I really did see sparkling stars.

Yes, we had a girl. I thought that I would feel disappointed. In every daydream, through every plan, I had anticipated a little boy: Wentworth D’Arcy, the Wonder Child. I would call him “Captain” for a nickname.

In my dreams, it was a little boy onto whom I could pin all my aspirations–this son would be the kind of person I would have wanted to have been: skilled, valued, talented, with so much to contribute to the world.

But something happened between the time I first set those dreams and our baby was born.

I feel deeply in love. I discovered that Sally was my soulmate.


We became best friends, and I realized that, Wonder Child Project or not, this was the woman I wanted to be with for the rest of my life.

I was amazed by her talents, her resources, her humor, her spunk, her courage.

I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I had no idea that a woman could be so thoroughly and utterly amazing.

If our Emma is anything like her momma, she will be a wonder child, indeed.

We decided to get married before the baby was born, just a private wedding, for we could afford nothing else.


Her vows made me feel choked up, and I recalled a line from “Much Ado About Nothing”: “How much better is it to weep at joy than to joy at weeping! “

We decided that I would work so that she could stay at home to rest during the pregnancy. I have become a professional blogger! During Sally’s second trimester, I wrote and self-published a children’s book, called “The Wonder Child.” The book was about a little boy with almost unbelievable talents and skills. If I had the chance to rewrite the book, I would make the child a little girl.

Emma, already, at only a few hours old, is a true wonder to behold.


My wonder child takes away all words and thought.

I become nearly speechless when I reflect on how I felt just a short while ago. Now, my life is full with two amazing and beautiful females, a wife and a daughter. In me, there is a new feeling. Beneath the almost overwhelming love and adoration that I feel for both, I feel something else. Something that makes me feel small yet large at the same time, something that makes my eyes wide and stops my thoughts and words. It is awe, certainly. Yet it is something new to me, too. It is humility.