Caught in a Web

Paris was painting with Cassandra when Grim came for him.


Why’d you stop painting, Paris? That painting is beautiful!

In the grips of artistic inspiration, Cassandra continued to work, looking over her shoulder now and then to chat with Manzanita all the while.

Anya and Palo Verde were at work, but the rest of the family gathered to witness Paris’s departure.


Enjoying your chips and salsa there, Manzanita?

They were all sad, but Princess, who loved Paris best, took it the hardest.


Manzanita doesn’t know whether to cry because she really is sad or to laugh because everyone around her is sad.

Perhaps Princess felt guilty that their recent trip to space had used up some of Paris’s energy. She returned aglow, but he came back with elderly exhaustion. Still, I think he felt pleased that he, too, got to experience the big-time take-off.


“Now that’s space exploration!”

Manzanita had a conversation with Grim when he had finished the job. It went from pleasant…


Here’s where the conversation is starting to turn…

to abhorrent!


Manzanita is enjoying his intense anger! 

Grim was so upset that his fists were clenched in rage. It was no big deal to Manzanita, who isn’t easily put off by personal confrontations with Death.

Early the next morning, while most of the household slept, I heard Cedar’s friendly voice echo through the courtyard. She was telling jokes to the Reaper, and soon he was relaxed and in a good mood again.


Leave it to a goofball to make Grim laugh so hard he has to hold his sides!

He waited around all the next day, talking with Cassandra while she painted. Kyler’s time is coming soon, and I suppose he didn’t want to have to leave, only to turn around and come back again.


Cassandra’s painting turned a little dark with Grimmy watching.

But Grim checked his calendar on his i-Pad–seems he’s got time to go grab a quick cappuccino, at least. We’ll be seeing you soon, Grimmy.

Princess watered the garden with her tears. Mesquite and Cassandra tried to cheer her up, and their jokes worked, for a few moments.

But she was still very sad for two days. To relieve her feelings, she painted a sad painting.


“I call it ‘A Self-Portrait in Pink.”

Is this how you feel, Princess Watson, like a butterfly caught in a legacy’s tangled web?