Dating the Devil

Manzanita is having a blast with her career in the tech industry.


“And then, I hacked my way into the Landgraab Trust Fund! Piece of cake!”

Since she’s been making good progress with her job, I decided to devote a little attention to her aspiration. Manzanita, whose aspiration is to spend her life with her soulmate, hasn’t had much luck dating or finding anyone that comes close to “soulmate” material. Or if she does meet someone, that someone quickly and finally disappears.

She met an interesting man who happened to be walking down their street. That street, up on the hill like it is, is one of the busiest walking paths for all the tourists and day-workers in this ghost town!

She quickly learned that he was insane. Not a problem! They seemed to get along ok. I thought that maybe an insane person might not mind her evil side.

She tossed out a flirt. He didn’t seem to mind.

She asked him for a date.

And he took off. Guess he had someplace to go.


Uh, Manzanita? That guy way down at the end of the road is your date. “I don’t care! He said ‘yes’ to the date! That’s a first step!” More like a first mad dash, or, possibly, the beginning of a pattern.

Later that afternoon, she tried again. I wasn’t sure if he’d come, but he did. They had a conversation in tight quarters. (This center bathroom always seems to be a hot spot for initmate conversation!)

And… it quickly went sour. Second worst date ever!


“Eeks! No, I won’t look in the mirror and make crazy faces while you watch!”‘

Ah, well. So much for him. I was actually a little relieved when he succumbed to Disappearing Townie Syndrome (DTS). HIs unpredictability made me nervous.

The game seems to have an effective match-making component. Wherever Manzanita goes she meets evil or mean Sims.


“Mr. Evil, meet Mr. Mean.” (They did not get along with each other, but they both liked Manzy. Also victims of DTS, and, as you can see of squint-eye-square-jaw.)

She went to the library and met many interesting Sims. Manzanita can be so pleasant and such a great conversationalist when she wants to. She’s got a bit of that gen 3 charisma. Of course, she was very happy, for some of the Sims around her were miserable.

Nestor, though he, too, has squint-eye-square-jaw, seemed to share a bit if a buzz with Manzanita. They kept their eyes on each other. Before long, it was just the two of them.


This is Nestor. Aren’t they a cute couple? Mean and evil.

A few flirts were shared. She asked him on a date, right there at the library. And he walked out the door.


That’s Nestor, heading out the door. And again, she’s just all smiles. “I think he really likes me!”

Fortunately, she caught up with him on the porch.

The date was steamy. In fact, they were both too flirty for the massage option to show up, so the date only earned a silver, but it was hot. And, though Nestor is a mean, noncommittal materialist (which the game believes is Manzanita’s ideal match), they got along well. Really well.

Manzanita, who had worked a long day at her programming job, was exhausted. When she woke the next morning, I thought we’d invite him over to hang out.

Good luck with that. He was gone. I dashed to manage worlds. Totally vanished.

Squint-eye-square-jaw plus DTS equals unhappy Simmer.

But Manzanita didn’t mind. I think she enjoyed my misery. She knocked off a few kisses towards the next milestone of her aspiration, got a little more experience under her belt, and since he’d disappeared from her relationship panel, nothing was lost from her perspective.

At least hacking and modding games makes her happy!


“I just hacked into the Sims forum and wrote ‘plum’ everywhere!”