The Sweet Moves of Ms. M.

Don’t tell Manzanita, but I’ve got the Sim good-trait. When my Sims are happy, I’m happy. And I usually do anything I can to make them happy.

The day before PV’s adult birthday, Cassandra drank the youth potion. Now, once he blows out his candles, they’ll be the same age.

Before breakfast on PV’s birthday, she had some news to share with him.


Oh, no! Not a baby! Fake! Hahaha! Totally preggers! Baby incoming! And all that jazz!”

They’d tried to get pregnant before a few days before, since it was PV’s whim, but it didn’t take. This time, it’s for real.

We hired everyone for the party: the caterer (even though we’ve got some great cooks living on the lot), the entertainer (even though Uncle Mesquite prefers this role), and the mixologist (even though Cassandra just maxed the mixology skill).

With the bad case of DTS our game has, we need all the options we can create to bring in potential love interests for our soulmate-seeking Manzanita.

And we invited the one town resident we know, Eleanor Founder, a legacylover that I downloaded from the gallery and moved in with a household of cute women back when PV was a young adult on the prowl.

The mixologist was kinda cute. I do love red-heads! He had a hot-head temper to match, perhaps not the best combination with an evil Sim. But he and Manzanita enjoyed a few flirts, and I enjoyed watching the slow crawl of pink in their relationship bar.


Squint-eye doesn’t look too bad on him. Somehow, he didn’t catch square-jaw.

After chatting for a bit, Manzanita needed to move–she doesn’t like to stay in any one place for very long. She took her drink to the patio table, and Eleanor followed her.

I noticed the way that Eleanor was looking at her, and I suddenly realized that Eleanor had been following her around a lot. She always seemed to be paying attention to her.

Both Eleanor and Manzanita were feeling flirty from the flirty decor and the titillating banter between Manzanita and the mixologist at the bar.

I decided, what the heck. Throw out a flirt to Eleanor. I knew from my experiments with Mesquite and Paris that they would let me know if they weren’t into it.

An innocent flirt…


Hmmm… Manzanita looks a little awkward here.

And then, I turned the controls over to them. Take it away, Ms. M. and Eleanor, and take it away, they did. Fast and furious. And completely adorable!


Princess is not completely sure what to make of this romance unfolding before her eyes, but you can see how enthusiastic Eleanor is. “I’m just remembering Paris,” says Princess.

The party ended–gold medal, thanks to being given easy-to-satisfy party tasks.

Manzy had plenty of energy left, and Eleanor was still hanging around, so I had Manzanita ask Eleanor on a date. We decided on a date at home, since I didn’t want to leave the lot when Kyler and Mesquite were both expecting a visit at any moment from Grim.

And Eleanor gets up and runs off. The date’s over–unsuccessful. Just like what had happened with two previous dates. What? Then I realized what had been happening: it’s a game glitch, not a Manzanita glitch. It seems if you ask a Sim that you’re not also playing for a date and select the lot where you currently are, the Sim will leave, apparently to the date destination, not realizing that he or she is already there. Oops.

No problem. We waited a few moments and called her back again, and she care right over, all dressed up in her best clothes. Guess she had wanted to dash home and change so she looked her best for the date.

E and M

Sweet moves from sweet M.

It was one of the sweetest dates of any that my Sims have ever had. Manzanita was charming and captivated. Eleanor was adorable and captivating. They danced to romantic music (usually Manzanita selects spooky music, which brings her such glee). And I wish you could have seen their dancing, moving with the same sweet moves in unison and eyeing each other the entire time.

The date ended with woo-hoo. I know, it was a first date! But this was one of the date-tasks, and Eleanor and Manzy were only too eager to comply.

Manzanita is happy and totally in love.


“I can’t believe she’s actually into me! ,” says Eleanor. “I’ve only been trying to get her attention for five Sim days!”

There’s no room yet at Cradle Rock to move in anyone else. But there will be soon. And suddenly, the circle of life, doesn’t seem quite so hard. Saying goodbye is still sad. And saying hello is sweeter than ever.


“Why, yes, I have heard of the old-fashioned game called ‘Hide the sock.'”