Stay Awhile

Anya was the first to leave, breaking Mesquite’s heart.


Grim’s thinking maybe he should just get one of those little casitas on the lot for the next few weeks, he’s going to be here so often.

Mesquite mourned for a few days, and before his time of mourning was up, he left, too, breaking his nephew’s heart.

Grim again

Same bat-place, same bat-time. Ok, different time, but same place.

The Royal Llama Tamer had never been sadder. He felt his natural melancholy, he was in deep mourning for Mesquite, and he often visited Acacia’s tombstone, too. That adds up to 7 sadness points, so even the beautiful environment, Cassandra’s deep love for him ,and the joyful expectation of the birth of his child weren’t enough to penetrate the clouds.

PV channeled his grief into his comedy, writing several new routines, and into long hours on the treadmill.


The loneliness of the long-distance runner brings solace to this gloomy Sim.

Kyler stayed around to see Manzanita ask Eleanor to become her girlfriend.


Woot! My sentiments exactly.

He stayed to get to know the beautiful women who now filled his home.

He stayed to hold his grandson, Ironwood, in his arms.


I-dub is a beautiful baby.

He stayed to see the new thin Palo Verde, who has gained a graceful style in his performance after shedding his baby fat.


The new, sleek model PV

He stayed to see Manzanita and Eleanor become BFFs, and to see M propose to El.



He stayed long enough to finish his cook book, “It’s Grilled. It’s Cheese. It’s Grilled Cheese.” and to earn royalties for many Sim days.

He stayed long enough to complete all the tasks needed so that at his next stint at the job, he would reach the apex of the culinary career.

And then, on the morning of Manzanita and Eleanor’s wedding, he left.

Manzanita pled for his life, but Grimmy, perhaps remembering his previous abhorrent conversation with her, refused.


“You think you can ask me a favor? You? Think again, Ms. M.”

Kyler’s departure broke Manzanita’s heart, and it broke PV’s once again.

The wedding was held as planned. Manzy and El decided to keep it a casual affair. The guests, former housemates of Eleanor’s, dressed to the max anyway. I think they were glad to have an excuse to get out their party clothes.

The brides were sweet, in spite of Manzanita’s deep grief.

el and m

“You stole my heart the first time I saw you, M.”

El and M

“No, who cares that gay marriage is banned in most of the Southwest states? The federal court is just about to rule the ban unconstitutional.”

After the cake, Manzanita couldn’t continue with the celebration.


“I’m going to break down if I stick around. I just know it. Or I’ll end up doing something mean. Like to El. I’ll just head to bed and cry under the covers, and I’ll feel better when I wake up. Maybe. I just wish Dad had been here to see this.”

She went to bed early, and left the hostess duties Eleanor, Cassandra, and Princess.


“Poor M. I feel for her. And I feel happy, too, for us, and for all the long Sim days we have ahead of us. I think maybe we should adopt.”

In the midst of all these family changes, Ironwood became a boy and gained the glutton trait and the artistic prodigy aspiration.


“I wonder if I can eat this lump of clay.”

Sims leave, and new Sims come. We don’t forget the old ones with the new, for each has his or her own specific twists of personality that together create something simply irreplaceable.