Eat Life

Life is amazingly delicious when you live with two foodies, a former mixologist with level 10 mixology skills, and a former caterer with level 10 cooking skills. That’s what the glutton boys think.


“Nobody even think about taking this piece of cake.”

Meet Kamden.


“Welcome home, Kammers!”

Eleanor and Manzanita adopted him the day after their wedding. When El was looking through the profiles of kids available for adoption, Kamden’s face drew her in right way. She liked his serious expression under those big wire-rimmed glasses. “Nothing like a little geek of a son for my geeky wife,” she thought.


“Are you my other Mommy?”

What a surprise it was to all of us when he turned out to be another glutton, just like I-dub! But the boys became instant friends, so it’s been working out well.

The boys seem to be spending all their time at school, doing homework, and playing (but actually, they’re skilling!).

Living in a house with mostly women, sometimes the guys like to hang out together after school. Homework is fun and funny when you can do it with your cousin and a grown-up who is a real-life comedian!


“So why do chickens have butts, anyway, huh, mister?”

But guy-talk is sometimes cut short when there are so many women around.


“Excuse me. If there are going to be girls in here, I’ve got other places to be!”

While the boys were little, PV and Cassandra got busy making another child for Cradle Rock. Cassandra felt an increase in inspiration during her pregnancy and painted through most of it.

She loves to use her artwork to make social commentary.


Here she’s memorializing the squint-eye, square-jaw syndrome so we’ll all remember it after the patch.

Their second child, Willow, was a lovely baby, much beloved by Dad, Mom, big brother, cousin, and the aunties.


“Welcome to the world, little Willow!”


“You look like a funny girl already!”


“You’re just my little queen of the night, aren’t you?”


“WhoZe my cutie sis?” (I-dub had a bad case of the persistent Zzz’s.)

Such a little child is so very loved!

Willow has grown into a beautiful girl with one of my favorite traits: neat! I hope she can tolerate the piles of junk that accumulate through the constant round of repairs to all the aging appliances! And dirty dishes–well, we can hardly wait to turn her loose on those!


“Mom! I’m a big girl! Now I can hug you back!”

Life has settled into a sweet harmony.

The Royal Llama Tamer told the final joke he needed to complete the Joke Star aspiration. And, though he and the extended family were often dangerously playful, he managed to complete it without killing himself or anyone else from hysteria! Now we just have to watch out for his powerful arsenal of additional comedic actions.


You need never tell another joke at home again!

He’s going for the party-thrower aspiration next! That should be fun.

And I just want to show off what Manzanita, who’s now an adult, has accomplished through her zest for the treadmill.


Looking drop-dead gorgeous, Manzy, even in your pjs.

After the sad days when all the gen 2 Sims succumbed elderly demise, the vibrance, bustle, and activity of a homestead filled with playful kids and busy adults feels like spring!