Pre-Game-Play Planning

(This entry contains big-time spoilers!)

Playing a house of full Sims and 9 ghosts on a large lot is taxing my laptop to an unsupportable level. It’s starting to lag, but even worse, sometimes I’m not able to select actions and interactions. When I click to select, nothing happens. And my laptop’s been giving me high CPU-use messages.

So, it’s time to enact the changes I’ve been putting off.

Manzanita and her family are about to move to the mansion across the street. I’ve been considering this for a long time, so there is a plot-line already established for this. I waited to do this because I find Manzy interesting, and I don’t quite trust her on her own. But I’m stuck at the “apologize when angry” step of her milestone–I just can’t get her angry! Even with the angry moodlet, even when wearing the angry lion hat, her other moods overshadow the anger. And I’m afraid of the relationship damage that might happen if she becomes actually angry. Also, Eleanor needs three children for her milestone. A move fits on so many levels. Plus, with the family living across the street, I’m sure they’ll be over every day, and PV now needs to throw parties often for his new party aspiration, so we’ll be seeing a lot of El, M, and the gang.

It will be interesting to see what M is like when I can’t guide her actions! I hope she chooses to maintain her relationships with family and friends!

I have lots of little steps to follow to bring this about, and I think it will help me if I jot them down:

  1. Kamden becomes a teen soon. Have the family remain at Cradle Rock (laptop permitting) so that PV can throw a birthday party for Kamden and I can roll his teen trait and adult aspiration before they move out.
  2. After the birthday party, move out Manzanita and Kamden to a small empty lot and motherlode the Dickens out of them. (Ok. It’s a bit of a cheat, but I’m not keeping score, and it’s a TS2 style cheat. And, it maintains the spirit of the game!)
  3. After they’ve been motherloded generously, move Manzy and Kamden into the mansion across the street.
  4. In Buy/Build mode, furnish the mansion to suit. Here’s what they’ll need:
    1. a nice kitchen with good appliances
    2. good beds for three kids, plus one good double bed for El and M
    3. lots of flirty stuff in El and M’s bedroom
    4. at least two good bathrooms
    5. skilling stuff: a piano, a violin, an art table, a chemistry set, a chess table, an observatory, a microscope, easels
    6. game-playing stuff (computer and game-pad)
    7. computers, tv, electronics
    8. nice decor–plants? paintings?
      (Thank heavens for motherlode!)
  5. Back at Cradle Rock, have El adopt another child.
  6. El drinks youth potion.
  7. El and the new child join M and Kamden in the mansion across the street.
  8. El adopts the third child.

Whew! That’s a lot of steps! I’m glad I wrote it down so I can refer to it while I play. Ok! I’m wishing myself (and my computer) luck!)