HWC: Week 5, Day 1

I just discovered my dad’s blog when I was doing some research for my government class. It took me two tries to guess his password: iluvSB+MA! Don’t worry–I changed it after I logged in, and later today, I’ll tell my mom and dad what the new password is and that I cracked in here to make this update.

My life motto: Better to ask forgiveness afterwards than to ask permission first! Hahahahaha!

I’ve got a swirl of feelings after reading my mom and dad’s posts.

I had no idea that I was part of a government project. It makes perfect sense now that I think about it. I always knew there was something a little different about the way I was being raised. I mean, my friends at school all get to sleep at night, whereas I don’t think I’ve slept since I was a baby. I live on Zzz-juice!

My initial response is that it’s kind of creepy: Just think! My mom and dad didn’t even know each other until the government put them together! But I did a little bit of research, and the gov contracts out with SimMatch.com to match up the program participants, and everybody knows that SimMatch has got the greatest algorithms for match-making! Sure worked with my mom and dad.

They’re still ga-ga over each other. It’s really sweet, actually.


I know some kids would be thinking, “Get a room, already!” but I think it’s cool that my mom and dad are still so into each other.

On reflection, I feel that we’re all really luck to be involved with this program. It got my mom and dad together–and I can’t imagine either of them without each other!

And it brought me into the world! That’s pretty cool, huh?

And it really has giving me the kind of life that is so perfect for me!


There’s nothing I love more than my violin!

I mean, really. Think about it. On Friday evening, my mom and dad bought me a rocket kit, and then I spent all night putting it together.


Nothing like using a blow-torch to get a girl all hot and sweaty!

Mom helped a little bit, and it was so fun to have her out there in her little pink skirt using the blow torch and hammer.


My mom is so cute.

Then over the weekend, I took five trips to space! Five! And I even got a little alien pet. So cute. Can you imagine me doing that if I were just a regular teen? “Hey, Mom, Dad. Think I’ll go out to space. See ya later. Sure, I’ll be back by curfew.” Ha!


God, I love my life!

All my childhood, I’ve just been free to do just whatever I’ve wanted: draw, read, paint, play chess, make potions, talk to my giant bear, have imaginary friends, never sleep, and play all the time! It’s a dream-life for me!


Seems like I’ve spent half my life reading! Good thing I love it!

Dad signed the papers for the school to give me the I.Q. test. After Dad got off the phone with the school psychologist, when she called with the results, he looked at me and smiled. “Em, it’s just like I always knew. You are a genius.”

But what’s an I.Q. score? Just numbers in a column on my school file. It doesn’t define me.

The counselor called me into her office after the score was released. “What are your plans after graduation?” she asked.

Well, here’s where I confront my one and only true regret in life. I really want to go to college! And I regret that this lifetime occurs prior to the release of the university EP. Maybe someday in a parallel universe somewhere…

Hey, it could happen!

But with no university at present to go to, then I’ve got to admit: I just want to keep living like I am!

I don’t really want to get married. I’ve seen what a perfect relationship is like with my mom and dad, and anything less just wouldn’t satisfy me–and I know how rare it is to have something like what they have.

So I think, instead, that I just want to live in a big house full of hippies! You know, where we all hang around and express our free will, painting, playing chess, playing video games, watching the sky through the observatory. Eating brownies. That sounds really fun to me!

I hope it can happen. It seems pretty hard to find hippies these days. Everybody just seems to be focused on reaching the top of their careers or moving out to a big empty lot and starting some sort of legacy.

But I’ve got my eye out in case something turns up. Sometimes, Mom says, what you want just happens, if it’s meant to be! (I just wish we had bubble blowers!)


My mom always gives me the best advice and encouragement.

I’ve never really had a lot of friends my age. Besides Mom and Dad, my two closest friends are Renee and Anton. I love Renee for she’s creative and playful. She’s a goofball! We can talk about anything. I even asked her about woo-hoo!


“See? You hold it in your hand, like this.”

Anton loves to come over and help me with my homework or play chess. And he always puts away all the books that I’ve been leaving laying around. The other day, he came over in a tux!

I met Anton when I was just a little kid, hanging out in the front yard and talking to everybody who walked by. In the photo below, he’s the guy in the Letterman jacket. He’s got that generational look that everybody his age has got. Sometimes, just to tease him, I’ll call him Mr. Clone-eye.


Sometimes, I feel like he’s pulling a Knightley to my Emma, which is kind of creepy, when I stop to think about it. But usually, he’s cool.

Mom and Dad are both nearing the end of their lives. We got a message from Dad’s doctor the other day telling us to make the most of his days, for he hasn’t got long. Mom was younger than him, but there was a mix-up with the birthday cake at my birthday, and now they’re the same age. We didn’t see a message from her doctor, but I bet we got one and it just got misplaced. Mom’s been getting a little bit spacey lately.

I hope they both hang around long enough to see me graduate. And if they could make it to my next birthday, well, that would be the icing on the cake!

I just feel really grateful that they’ve lasted so long, and that they’ve given me so much. They’ve pretty much dedicated their lives to me. I know it seems like I might just be wasting the opportunity I’ve been given and not using my talents if I choose to live a hippie lifestyle, but it’s not wasteful or disrespectful. To me, it seems like the best way to honor what this program, what Mom and Dad, and what the universe have given me. It’s a way to honor who I am and who I’ve become, living in such a way that, every day, my gifts and talents find their full expression.

Not every purpose has to end in Simoleans. And not every purpose has to have an end. Some purposes can simply be. And that’s what I want my life to be.


I may be in the Wonder Child project, but I still do the dishes like everybody else!