HWC: Week 5, Day 6


This, I believe, will be the last day that I sit at this desk before this computer.

Our project has ended. Emma is now a young adult.

I am grateful that I lived long enough to see it. Death came for me yesterday, but Sally’s pleas to the Reaper were honored.


It takes a pure spirit to sway the Reaper.

I have lived another day.


No feeling can compare to being spared to live to see your daughter’s birthday.

Death stayed a while. Emma and our friend Justin, a natural joker, soon had Death laughing.


“Why did the pawn cross the file?”

My dearest Sally was not so lucky. This morning, in the garden, she heard a voice call her name.


“I still have carrots and spinach to harvest.”

My pleas went unheard. The Reaper cared not that it was Emma’s birthday, that all that Sally and I had worked for were coming to fruition this day.


My poor Emma spent her birthday morning on the phone with the sadness hotline.

While guests arrived for Emma’s party, I broke down.


We had the party regardless of our grief. Birthday parties are written into the Wonder Child agreement. We were too sad to take many photos.

I spent most of the party recollecting and reflecting.

I remembered when Sally and I fell in love.


I never believed in love at first sight til I saw Sally.

I remembered when I first held our Emma.

Hare and em

She fit into my arms so naturally.

I remembered the countless hours of quiet, blissful family time in our tiny home.


My days began in joy at the breakfast table

I remembered when our child became a confident teen with her own fully developed sense of who she is.


All on her own, she built a rocket.

I would give a pretty penny to know what she wished for at the cake. I wish that I would see her establish her own home, perhaps have a family of her own. I wish that our dear Sally were still here to see Emma become a young woman. I wish that we had it all to do again, knowing that I would change not a thing.


“I wish someday to live in a home full of life, bustling with quirky, unusual, funny Sims. Then maybe this empty spot I feel right now in my heart might be filled again.”

It really is over, our years of wonder. I will be leaving when Death knocks on our door. This is the last entry in this blog I will write. Sally and I always put our daughter’s happiness above all else. The Wonder Child project came second to what was best and what was right for Emma. And through that, look what we all gained. I began this project as a lonely man without a skill, without a career, without a family, without love.

Now at my life’s end, all that was nothing is now full of everything, and so as I become nothing, I leave behind me… wonder.


The mundane and the magical combine every day.