HFH: An Open Door

I’m excited and breathless and feeling like my life is just about to begin!

Yesterday was my last day of school. This morning, shortly after breakfast, we had a birthday party. It seemed like the whole town showed up! Even people I didn’t know.

Cathy Tea

Best birthday party EVER!

It was Alex’s birthday, too.

After we cleaned up from the party, I hugged my uncle Jacob, and Alex and I headed off to meet Tanisha to find our own place to live.

Cathy Tea

I’ll always be sure to come visit!

Yup. We’re moving out!

This is something we’ve talked about since we were kids. We always said how cool it would be if the three of us could live in a big old house someplace and just hang out and do the things we love to do. Alex and I, who’ve been BFFs since grade school, kind of drifted apart from Tanisha when we all got to high school. She started hanging out with a different crowd , and I  got really busy with school and gardening–but we each still wanted to follow through with this. I guess you could say it’s a dream for each of us. You know how you set your heart on something when you’re a kid, and each night, you wish on a star that it will come through? Then, even if things change in the meantime, that wish is still hooked in there, and so when the time for it comes around, it’s still got you.

Cathy Tea

“Hey, remember that plan we had as kids? Let’s be sure to do it, ok?”

That’s how we all feel. And we know we can pick up our friendship where we left off. Alex has always had a big old soft spot for Tanisha, and I think she is cool and mysterious.

We went around to look for houses. There was one in Willow Creek that looked ok.

Cathy Tea

I like the big front porch.

And we saw one in Oasis Springs that looked like it might work.

Cathy Tea

The lit-up Freezer Bunny billboard is pretty cool!

But neither were perfect.

Alex kept talking about this big vacant house on his block, and we’d sort of discounted it, since it was so close to his home, but when we went to check it out, it was perfect.

It’s huge! It’s kinda run-down, but it’s right on the park. I love that. I’ll put our garden right on the edge of the park. Alex says he’ll actually really love living near his family, and I like Cassandra a lot and Mr. Goth, so it’ll be cool if they come over.

There’s only one problem: there’s no way that just the three of us can afford this place!

So, we’re gonna have to get roommates. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that Don Lothario would love to move in–he’s been walking by our house every day since I met him at the park when I was playing chess there. And the moment I became a young adult–the very moment!– he called up to see if he could come over and hang out. When he got there, he had my face in his thought bubble. Yuck! He’s as old as my uncle!

Cathy Tea

Yeah. Don. Mr. Lothario. I don’t know why he figures he should be hanging around!

Tanisha’s got this serial romance thing going on, so she’d probably love to have Mr. Lothario move in. I don’t think so. We can do without the drama.

After talking it over, we decided to try the Willow Creek/Oasis Springs Roommate Services. It’s this online company that matches up roomies. I hope they use good matching algorithms! We want to be able to get along and have a fun and happy home.

Just think… a new home… and new friends to live with! This is what I call an adventure!

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