HFH – The WCOS Questionnaire

Here at the WCOS Roommate Referral Service, our goal is to help you create a happy, functioning household.

Your honest answers on this questionnaire will help us to match you with other roommates.

Your Traits:

From the list below, select your three defining traits. Note: You may find that more than three of these traits describe you. Our matching system requires that you limit your selection to those three traits which are essential to who you are.

If you are having trouble determining your traits, consider taking the TS4 Personality Diagnostic.

I’m going to have to think about this! The personality diagnostic says that I’m a Confident Musical Genius. But I don’t think that’s quite me. I appear self-assured to others, but really, I have plenty of doubts and insecurities. And while music is essential to me, it’s not the only essential element. I was considered “mentally gifted” by my teachers back in grade school, but I know my I.Q. falls short of genius.

Cathy Tea

Even as a little kid, I loved to play the piano, but I’m no prodigy!

If I could choose all the traits I identify with, I’d pick these: cheerful, creative, goofball, art lover, bookworm, music lover, childish, lazy, loves the outdoors, good, and loner. To narrow to the three essentials. Well, creative encompasses art lover and music lover, so let’s go with that. I do get tense when I’m not creative, so that seems like me.

I definitely need to spend time outdoors, and I become miserable when I can’t be out in nature, so let’s go with that.

Solitude is my vitamin C. Without it, I get scurvy of the soul. Plus, I often feel socially awkward, even though I’ve been studying charisma since I was a kid. So I often feel like a loner. But everyone who knows me says that I’m cheerful. And I admit: I wake up feeling happy more often than not. So I think I’ll choose cheerful over loner.

Gee, that was tough, but let’s go with these three: creative, loves the outdoors, cheerful. Yup. That’s me.

Cathy Tea

I used to love hanging out on the sidewalk and talking to everybody that walked by… so I guess I’m not really a loner, even though I’m independent and love time alone!

Now select the traits for any other current members of the household.

This is easy! I know Tanisha and Alex so much better than I know myself!

Tanisha Snow: neat, snob, good

Alexander Goth: bookworm, foodie, self-assured

I wonder if it will get us any influence points in having Alex of THE Goth family as part of our household. I mean, his family is legendary! Imagine having a school named after your family.

Your Background

Describe your family of origin and your childhood.

I was raised by my uncle, Jacob Tea. He works as a painter’s assistant, and he was a great caregiver, always making sure I had time to practice the piano and violin, paint, excel in school, and have fun just being a kid. We may not always have had the cleanest house–we always seemed to have piles of dirty dishes and our appliances were always breaking–but we had a loving, creative, and nurturing home. He gave me the most important things: love and support.

Cathy Tea

Uncle Jacob gave me all the love and support a little girl could want.

What are your aspirations?

I just completed my aspiration to be a good gardener. Now I want to learn how to fix things (since stuff always breaks) and I want to read–a lot! Basically, I want to exercise my nerd brain.

Once I finish that (which will take a while, I know), then I want to be good at many things! Of course, I’ll always keep up with my music and art. I don’t want to settle down in just one career. I want to try a few. For me, life is about so much more than just a career: it’s about experience and learning.

How many roommates do you want us to select for you? Would you like male or female roommates or both?

We need three to five roommates, both male and female.

Thank you for choosing us as your roommate selection service! We look forward to finding your matches.

Cathy Tea

I’m dreaming of a dreamy roommate!

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