HFH: Meet the Roomies

I’m so happy living in our new house, and I can’t believe what cool people our roomies are!

Cathy Tea

See these smiling faces in my painting? This is how I feel about my new roomies!

The WCOS Roommate Services really came through for us. They only sent us three roomies, one girl and two guys. They said that these were the best matches, and if any other matches come up in the next few weeks, they’ll let us know. We’ve got room for two more, but I’m really happy with having just six of us in the house. It’s nice to have a full house while still having a little bit of extra space so that each of us can just be us!

I’m super pleased with the algo that WCOS uses because the Sims they found us are so compatible with the three of us!

First there’s Emma Bennet. If I didn’t already have a BFF, she’d be my best friend for sure!

Emma Bennet

Emma is super cool!

Emma’s got a funny mix of personality: she’s a genius and a goofball. You can see it in her face. Her eyes twinkle and she always looks like she’s about to break out in a laugh. At the same time, it seems like there’s so much going on inside of her, like she’s always thinking deep thoughts. She looks happy, but I bet that she’s seen her share of trouble in her life. We don’t know each other well yet, so I don’t have the whole story. But when I hear her voice and look in her eyes, I can see there are oceans of depth.

Like me, Emma is creative, so we’ve got a lot in common! In fact, I think we’ll probably need to get a new easel or two as soon as we can afford them, because Emma and I are always vying for the one we’ve got!

Emma and Alex seem to have a lot in common, too.


A genius and a bookworm in the breakfast nook

They both spend a lot of time with their noses in books!

Alex told me that the other night when he got up for a midnight snack, Emma was in the kitchen, and they got to talking. When I asked what they talked about, he got a little embarrassed and said, “You know. Starts with a w and ends with a who.”


A late night snack

When we were kids, everybody assumed that Alex and I would wind up together. I mean, we’ve always been hanging around each other. But really, there just aren’t sparks that way between us. We’ve shared a few flirts–and we’ve talked about woo-hoo, but just like best friends do. Not like boyfriend-girlfriend.

So it doesn’t bother me when I see the way that Emma looks at Alex. In fact, I think it’s pretty neat.


Alex deserves a really cool girl like Emma.

And… of course, it doesn’t hurt that we’ve got Forrest Bigelow living in the house.

Forrest. What a dreamy name…

Cathy Tea

I guess you could say I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve.

Forrest looks dreamy even when he’s standing in the park playing Blic-Bloc on his i-phone.


Turn around, Forrest.

Forrest is amazing. He loves the outdoors (just like me!). He’s creative (like me, too!). And he’s an art lover! Wow. Dreamboat. He wants to be a curator.

We’ve got this great open space right behind our backyard, and Forrest and I keep on ending up there, accidentally together.


I’ve never played the violin for anybody but Uncle Jacob before!

My heart’s always beating fast when Forrest is around, and I feel sort of flushed and nervous, but also calm and happy and content way deep inside. Even though I can tell how I feel–and I bet that anybody with eyes can see how I feel–I’m taking it slow. And I’m really trying my best just to relax and see how things develop.

Cathy Tea

I was so happy after that day when I played my violin for Forrest in the park that when I got home, I just jumped into the tub with my clothes on!

I’m taking it slow because other people might like him, too. And he just might like them back.


Emma and Forrest spend a lot of time watching TV and talking about… well, I’m not sure what they talk about. Spiders? Video games? Emma’s cool hat?

I’m wondering if maybe the reason I’m sort of match-making between Alex and Emma in my mind is because I want them to hook up so that Forrest will be free for me! Oh, crum. What drama! Ok. Simplify. Relax. Just see what happens.

Our third roomie is Gray Nike. He’s a goofball (like Emma), a geek, and good (like Tanisha). See what I mean about all of us having so much in common? It’s really cool! Gray wants to be a computer whiz.


Gray looks dreamy, too, when he takes off his glasses. He’s got a kind of droid-like complexion, like he’s never once been in the sun! So pale, he’s almost green!

He’s really amazing. He got a job in the tech field, and he actually got promoted on his first day of work! Thanks, Gray! We can really use the coffee pot you got for your promotion, and, of course, the simoleans!


Gray actually comes home from work happier than he was when he left!

Gray and Tanisha have really been hitting it off well.


This seems to be the table for midnight tet-a-tets!

Which is a good thing. I’ve been worried about Tanisha.


Go ahead, Tanisha! Eat!

She’s so incredibly thin. And I often find her hanging around in the kitchen, half-starved, with some food near her, but she doesn’t even touch it. She just stands and looks at it while she pouts.


Sit down and eat, Tanisha. I’ll fix the sink and mop the puddle.

I don’t pressure her. I just cook good-smelling, healthy food. And then I sit down and eat and engage her in a conversation, and soon, she’s eating and laughing, too. So I’m hoping that after some time living in a household that has a healthy attitude towards eating, it will rub off on her.

Thin is fine. But healthy is better.


I’ve been spending a little extra time with Tanisha. Maybe if she feels she’s living with good friends, it will help her transition to living away from her family.

Uncle Jacob came over to meet the roomies. He really seems to like them, which is a relief. He’s always liked Tanisha and Alex, but some of my other friends in high school he wasn’t that crazy about.


I sure hope Uncle Jacob comes over often!

Even with a full house, I still get time alone. For me, it’s one of the best treats of life to sit alone at the kitchen table with a book and the afternoon sunlight streaming in through the window.

Cathy Tea

Ah, sweet life! This is the dream I fashioned when I was a kid–living in a big house with a bunch of friends. And it’s the time alone that makes the time with others all that more precious.

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