More to Life than Birthdays

A legacy story contains a seemingly endless cycle of births, birthdays, courtship, and death. As a legacy reader, I love the birthdays. I love to see the Sims age up and to learn their new traits and aspirations. I love the promise of it all!

As a legacy writer, I find birthdays tedious. How many different ways can I say “cake?”

Ironwood aged up to teen after the patch removing squint-eye-square-jaw, and thank Maxis for that! Look at this face! He inherited his dad’s wide grin.


“Heh! Good timing on the face patch, EA!”

He also inherited his dad’s narrow shoulders. No matter: he wears it well.


“Oh, yeah. Eat your heart out, little action-figure guy.There’s a new tough-guy in town.”

I-dub rolled hot-headed and Renaissance Sim, both of which seem to fit. I learned through Paris not to fear the hot-head. Princess has already discovered I-dub’s hot-headedness through a few spontaneous mischief interactions. But I-dub, though seething inside, kept a cool exterior.

I-dub often wakes up angry and comes home from school angry. He channels his anger into fixing the broken plumbing. Works pretty well for all of us!

Palo Verde celebrated his birthday early with Cassandra, a pre-party party for just the two of them. Though Cassandra was absolutely, completely, and perfectly satisfied, she got out of bed with the “No-marriage” thought bubble. I find that when she feels the closest to PV, that’s when her noncommittal trait becomes most pronounced. No worries: a few hours with solo violin practice should take care of that!


“I feel totally, completely amazing! And also, why did I ever decide to get married?”

Cassandra completed her painter aspiration the day before, and since then, she’s been almost obsessed with her new aspiration of musician. As a music-lover, she finds complete joy in the long hours of practice.


This is Cassandra’s masterpiece, the final one needed to complete the painting aspiration. I love how Cassandra took a moment to savor the feeling of completion.

Palo Verde enjoyed a royal birthday party. Of course Manzanita and her family came. Ironwood sang the birthday song–my favorite TS4 song. I-dub has a beautiful tenor, much like his dad’s. Ironwood even sang it through twice, just to show he loves his dad double!


“Big birthday to my dad! My dad! My dad! I love my dad on his birthday!”

PV is a distinguished and charismatic elder, but he’s kept his wild fashion sense. He’s learned to reign in his gift of humor. He now has quite an arsenal, including the weaponized joke, which I’m afraid to try. Humor in TS4 is just too deadly for me to feel comfortable with experimentation.


“Life. Is. Good.”

Willow seems incredibly bright. She’s just a few points away from her childhood aspiration, and it looks like she’ll have time to get started on her second one. We think we’ll try Rambunctious Scamp, for she’s an active child.


“Hi, Poppy… Thanks for calling… Oh, I’m just sitting around with my mom, and then I’m heading out to the jungle gym.”

We decided to hire a maid. Everyone helps out to keep the place clean, but there are sometimes hidden piles of dirty dishes or other bits and pieces of debris that, look as I might, I can’t quite seem to find. And a dirty environment disturbs Willow. So far, the maid seems to be helping quite a bit.

I love the family times around the table. This family shares harmonious family dynamics–everybody is friends with everybody else!


Evenings when the kids are doing homework and Mom and Dad catch up on the day are my favorite times!

PV’s working on the party aspiration, now that he’s completed the Jokester aspiration. I’m wondering now what I was thinking! But he’s having fun throwing all sorts of bashes. Of course, El and her former roomies always come, and when the cousins aren’t at school, and M’s not at work, they come, too.


Cousin parties are the best!

Though there’s more to life than birthdays, it seems they bookend this chapter.

It’s time for Cassandra to age up. Oh, I hate to see my favorite Sims inching towards elderly demise. Cassandra, you’ll always be your youthful self in my imagination!


“Make your wish a good one, Mom!”

What a Sim she is! She’s got a standard EA look, I’m finding, but she’s no cookie-cutter! She’s a one-of-a-kind, beloved by all who know her.


And you’re a beautiful and distinguished elder, Cassie. 

Cassandra looks like the artist and musician that she is. If you lived in my neighborhood, Cassie, I’d love to have you for a friend. But then I guess I’d be digital. We’ll just have to keep our friendship imaginary, living within the confines of a computer screen and the wispy thoughts that travel through a day.