HFH: Sweet, Sweet Life

I had so many questions when Alex, Tanisha, and I found this place and we all moved in with our new roommates.

Would we all get along?

Would this lifestyle fit us?

Would I be the one to do all the housework, or would others willingly chip in?

Will we be able to afford the bills on such a big house?

And, you know, would we have a good time?

One thing I’m learning about life… when you have questions, time often reveals the answers.

First things first–yes! We all get along!


We spend hours sitting around drinking coffee and talking!

In my mind, I keep pairing us off–Alex and Emma, Tanisha and Gray, Forrest and me–but really, everybody likes everybody. We’re all friends with each other. And I think most of us are attracted to each other, too! That is, all the girls are attracted to all the guys, and all the guys are attracted to all the girls. We’re young. What else could we expect?

The lifestyle fits us like the perfect CAS accessory! We’ve all settled into this life happily.

Uncle Jacob visits often.


It was so fun to take a selfie with Uncle Jacob on our front porch!

We threw a big house party the other day, and Alex’s sister came, and Tanisha’s mom and brother came, and Uncle Jacob came, plus a ton of friends we knew back in school.


Uncle Jacob hung out with Cassandra Goth and Tanisha and caught up on the gossip.

Emma brought home this really cool retro stereo from work, and we put it on the upstairs landing, and during the party, everybody was dancing up there!


Alex is dancing with this guy we knew from school. We don’t know why he showed up in the hot dog suit–we told him it was a house party!

Sometimes, I just pause and draw in my breath and think–man, this is so cool! This is the kind of life I always thought that the cool people lived, and now, this is our life!

I was worried at first about Tanisha, if she’d fit into this kind of lifestyle. You know, when she moved in, she was so thin it was scary, and she wouldn’t really eat anything.

But she’s been eating the cheesecake that I make and the grilled cheese sandwiches that Alex makes. She only eats half a portion at a time. But it’s enough. She looks healthy now, and she doesn’t walk around half-starved anymore.


Tanisha’s doing so much better! It helps that she and Alex have been such great friends since childhood.

When Tanisha first moved in, she wanted to have all these serial romances. But she’s changed her mind now, maybe after getting to know the guys we live with. I think she realized that she’d be breaking hearts if she went for that aspiration, and, you know, she prefers to soak up the good vibes rather than to be around Sims who are heart-broken and mopey.

Now, she wants to be fabulously rich. Yeah, it’s not really a hippie-type aspiration. But that’s ok. She’s got enough other qualities in common with the rest of us that we can accept a little bit of materialism. I mean, we’re none of us perfect, right? And I don’t think that any of us have anything against having money, if it means we can donate to charities, have a great place to live, and enjoy our hobbies. Who knows? Maybe if we become super rich, we’ll decide to adopt some orphans and give some poor kids a really great childhood!

Speaking of great childhoods… I found out an incredible secret the other day.


“You’re one of the Wonder Children?”

Emma and I were hanging out in the upper alcove, painting, and she revealed to me that she grew up in the Wonder Child project! I always thought that project was sort of creepy–matching up Sims and having them dedicate all their energies to bringing up this super child… all for the government! Weird. But I found Emma’s dad’s blog online, and it was so touching, actually. I mean, he starts off as this kind of lonely guy without a purpose in life, and then he falls head-over-heels with Emma’s mom, really at first sight, and then Emma herself has this amazing childhood, and all anybody has to do is just meet her, and you’ll see that it’s really an incredible project, after all. Emma is amazing.

Emma’s mom and dad both died, so I’m glad that we’re able to be like a family for her now.

She said that she never had friends her age when she was growing up–she was too busy skilling all the time. And she had never slept in a bed until she moved into this house. All through childhood and her teen years, she lived on sleep potion. Now that’s a little weird.


“I’m kinda enjoying just being a regular Sim–you know, sleeping in beds at night, and all that!” Umm… Emma, I gotta tell you, anybody can see just by looking at you, you’re hardly a “regular Sim”! You are an awesome Sim.

Fortunately, everybody in the household is helping out to keep up with everything that needs to be done in a home. I do a lot of the cooking because I love to cook, and I’m the one who fixes the things that break, but everybody else helps out with everything else.

Sinks get clean.


Thanks, Forrest!


Thanks, Tanisha!

Tubs get scrubbed.


Thanks again, Forrest! (And did I tell you that I secretly love you?)

Garbage gets thrown away.


Thanks, Alex! I really didn’t want a trash plant growing in the front yard!


Forrest, every time you do something helpful and sweet, like clearing up the trash, you claim another little piece of my heart!

And–thank you, Gray–promotions keep being earned!


Super tech, super nerd Gray! (Gray, you’re getting quite a fan club, you know!)

I was a little nervous–ok, a lot nervous–when bill-time approached, especially since I splurged on a rocket a few days earlier, and Alex, Emma, and Forrest all wanted a pool, so we had a pool put in. That really drained the finances. But I’ve been able to sell the garden produce to this chic little organic bistro in town, and we’ve made a lot of Simoleans that way! And Gray, Alex, Emma, and Tanisha keep getting promotions. So we were able to afford the bills and still have a little left over! Whew! Now no worries until the next bill cycle.


I couldn’t resist buying a rocket. And I keep telling myself that it’s practical, too, for, believe it or not, the skills I’m developing with the rocket are another step along the way towards me being able to fix things instantly around the house!

Last question… are we having a good time? Oh, yeah!


Gratuitous photo of why I’m having a good time…

Now, I have a new question: when everything you’ve dreamed of comes true, what’s next? Does it mean it’s time for new dreams, or does it mean it’s time to just settle into the sweetness of life?

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