The Bro is a Cupcake

Her name is Linda Noel (which translates literally to Beautiful Yuletide–a fitting name for a Sim who’s a shiny gift!).Since I-dub sticks to her like sparkles on icing, we call her Cupcake.

We didn’t want to lose her to DTS (Disappearing Townie Syndrome), so as soon as I-dub got home, he guzzled some Zzz-juice and asked her over for a date.


“Nice to see you again. So soon. On this big lot you call a home.”

She arrived flirty and stayed this way.


“I can’t believe he’s actually kissing me! I think our bodies are… touching!”

Did you know that the game generates date activities by matching the date’s personality to the best possible activity on the lot? I-dub and Cupcake worked out together and had a blast.


“Hey, beautiful. You’re looking pretty delicious in your pink and white icing over there.”

Working out is so much fun when you’ve got a funny work-out partner!


“So then the llama said to the astronaut…”

The date reached gold before it was half over, so I just sat back and left them on free will.


“Gosh. I can’t believe our date is lasting until dawn. And dang, this orange juice is good!”

They couldn’t leave each other alone.


With his boyish shoulders and his big grin, I-dub looks like just a kid here. They both look a little nervous that things are moving so fast.

Cupcake followed I-dub into the bathroom, and even though they’d only just shared a first kiss, neither felt embarrassed.


To me, this is taking multi-tasking too far. Sipping juice on the can?

This tiny blue bathroom has always been the scene for intimate gatherings for two!


“Am I dreaming, or is my Cupcake for real?”

The moment the date was over, before she had a chance to leave the lot and disappear for good, we asked her to move in.

Welcome to Cradle Rock, Cupcake!


I’m thinking about the genetics between these two. I love their profiles, their little noses, and their high cheekbones. 

I mistook her second trait when I introduced her in the last chapter. She’s not active; she’s clumsy! Big difference!

So far, her clumsiness just makes her laugh at herself when she works out–and she’s had a few spectacular tumbles off the treadmill–so the clumsy trait balances out her bro-ness nicely.

And what is a bro, anyway? Is a bro like a jock? Is a girl bro a broette, like a girl jock is a jockette?


I guess this is what a broette wears for her everyday clothes.

She’s a very cute broette. She loves to work out, and she and I-dub have been working out together. I think she’ll be getting thin soon. Her face is adorably triangular, a little heart-shaped face for a heart-shaped cupcake!

A few generations ago, Acacia was the only woman on a lot with boys and men. Remember when Paris and Baby were always hanging out with Mesquite and Acacia? Then, when Kyler moved in and PV was born, Acacia lived with four males. Now, I-dub lives with four women!

The girl cousins, Poppy and Kourtney, come over often, too. Princess is amused by them.


“Gee. I don’t think I would have recognized Poppy without her wiener hat! Good thing you moused over her to let me know who she was!”

We still haven’t discovered Poppy’s second trait yet. Kourtney, with her traits of good and self-assured, is always welcome, and since most of the Sims at Cradle Rock are happy most of the time, she loves to stop by to soak up the good vibes.


“Kourtney, you look like you’ve been working out! Now don’t get too skinny on us!” Thanks for the advice, Princess.

Linda Noel had a day to get to know Cassandra. Like everyone who has ever met Cassandra, Linda immediately rolled a whim to “Get to know Cassandra.” It’s true: at any one time, at least three Sims will have friendly interactions with Cassandra in their whim panel. She is simply wonderful to spend time with.

Linda and Cassandra got along well.

Then, Cassandra had an appointment to keep with Grim. As with PV, no one noticed her departure, except for the ghost of Kyler, that is, who had come out to use the computer that night.


“Cassandra. I’m sorry to see you leaving the corporeal realm, but I know you’ll be happy with us. PV is already waiting for you, and you can still come out to play your beloved violin.”

I know I’m just sneaking Cassandra’s demise into another Sim’s chapter, rather than giving her a chapter of her own, but I think she would have wanted it that way. She never did want to be the center of attention.


This is how I love to remember Cassandra: wearing her mixologist uniform while playing her violin.

Cassandra, you know how much I love you, and you know how much you gave this family. Your two kids are carrying on not only your beautiful form but also your beautiful and creative spirit. Thank you for being PV’s everything. And thank you for not leaving him, but staying with him through all your “no wedding ring” thought bubbles. You’re one-of-a-kind, and I’ll always think of you with love and gratitude.


“How can I feel sad? Mom wouldn’t have wanted me to feel sad. Ok. I’m sad a little, but life is beginning at the same time that it’s ending. The torch is passed, from one to another. Before you know it, there will be babies here, and I’ve got too much on these narrow shoulders of mine with everything that is about to start fresh to break down and mourn all that’s passed.”

Now, for a while, we have only four in the house again, a quiet and peaceful respite before the arrival of generation five. Come back soon, Cassandra, and play your violin in the moonlight, to fill I-dub and Cupcake’s nights with songs of all the beauty you feel inside.