I-dub Takes Up the Reins

Every birthday for childhood, teen years, and young adulthood, I hold my breath. Will I get a goofball? Manzanita’s adult trait began with the letter G and was followed by two identical vowels (Geek) and so was Willow’s: Good. Still, though we have yet to see the return of the Goofball, how can I regret that Willow rolled Good? It may be my favorite trait yet.

Willow’s so beautiful in such a unique way that it’s fitting that she be good, too. Now, her outer beauty fully reflects the inner.


This is one beautiful Sim!

Without a goofball in the family, the heirship falls to Ironwood. I think that he and Linda Noel are up for it!


“Are you asking if I’m ready to pop out little Simlets and devote my life to keeping this legacy going? What other answer could there be? YES!” 

They’ve quickly become BFFs and boyfriend and girlfriend (in answer to Linda’s whim), and they’ve discovered the delights of woo-hoo, with Linda rolling the wish for it daily. I guess that’s an activity that bros and bro-ettes enjoy! I’ll leave the decision of marriage up to them.

We’ve seen some changes around Cradle Rock.

Princess has left this corporeal realm.


Princess’s last word: “Dag.” Dag-dag, Princess. I’ll miss you. Thanks for taking such great care of the garden and for making Paris happy all those many Sim-days ago. I’m sorry we didn’t find those last two MySims Trophies you needed in order to complete your aspiration.

Grim hung around for a while, and Willow befriended him.

I’m not sure that Grim is the one I’d choose to ask about woo-hoo, but Willow thought he was the guy to ask.


“Huh? The hot dog and the donut? I’m not sure I follow.”

Later that afternoon, Grim showed up at the night club in Willow Creek when Willow, Poppy, and Kourtney headed over there so that Willow could gain experience performing her comedy routines.


Just your typical afternoon at the Willow Creek night club.

No one seemed that interested in listening to Willow’s jokes, though. Even Grim preferred to shake it on the dance floor.


“So. This Sim was at the microphone all alone, see?”

The day before Princess left, Linda set the outdoor stove on fire. Not a problem! The Cupcake and Willow put it out together. Nothing like bonding over an emergency!


Ah! My heart sings at brave fire-fighting girls!

The day after Princess left, Willow and her cousins became young adults. They held the party at Cradle Rock. I was hoping that Willow could invite all the Sims she’d met the day before at the night club. It would be fun to invite her friend Grim, too, for that matter!

Not a chance. None of them showed up in the invitation panel.

It was a family party.


Blow that horn, Linda! And Willow, are you wishing for a trait that begins with G and is followed by two identical vowels?

Manzanita came dressed to party! She and Eleanor are the last ones left of Generation 3. Eleanor, who just became an elder, still has quite a bit of time left.


“Abba doo…” Manzanita can really belt out the birthday song! She looks like she’s complaining, but she’s singing it out!

There’s just something so sweet about cousins and aunts! Manzanita was funny and friendly the entire time, so nobody felt angry or sad, and everyone celebrated the arrival into adulthood of these three beautiful young women.


How fun it would be to share a table with this crew! Manzy’s posting the photo she took of her cake onto her Switter account, by the way.

The generations pass so quickly. I like to think of my own life from a generational perspective sometimes, now that I can see my own elder birthday looming not-so-many Sim days ahead of me. There’s something beautiful–along with something sad–in the passing of one generation and the coming of the next. My dad’s left already, over 10 years ago, actually. And my niece has had quadruplets who are now well out of toddlerhood and into childhood. And poised in the middle–or rather, edging ever closer to the far end of middle–I stand, reflecting on how very brief this time is. My nieces and nephews are stepping up to take up the reins, while my sister, brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, my sweetie, and myself, inch towards the edge. And my grandnieces and grandnephews move each day towards the time of their own ascendancy.


“How hard can it be to head up a legacy, I-dub? Your dad did it, and his mom, and his mom’s mom. We’re up to task, babe. I’m sure of it!”

Oh, I-dub. Take the reins of this legacy. It’s your turn now, with Linda Noel, your cupcake. Cedar and Timothy, Acacia and Kyler, Palo Verde and Cassandra, they have all stepped aside. Before we know it, you and Linda will be stepping aside, too, handing the reins to Sims that haven’t yet been created. Maybe one day we will have another goofball. Or maybe we will just continue on the path that we’ve set out on so far, with Sims that carry in feature, voice, and gesture the remembrances of the ones who have come before, while carrying, too, each one, their own unique expressions of individuality.