HFH: Everybody’s Happy (Except When They’re Not)

What a great day! Tanisha, Gray, and Alex went to work, and Tanisha, Gray, and Alex each came home with a promotion! I know we’re hippies so things like promotions shouldn’t really matter–but success is success no matter how you look at it, and when I see my roomies feeling so happy for having done such good work, it makes me happy, too!


This is Tanisha, coming home from her work at the agency with her promotion. Good job, Tani!


“Gray, I hear you got promoted, too! What are you now, project manager?”


“Oh, yeah, baby. I can feel my destiny to be a master chef calling me.”

I decided we’d throw a big party to celebrate. We’ve got a lot of friends between us, and it’s fun to have everyone hang out together in our big house.

It took me a while to decide what type of party to throw. I love the casualness of a house party. And I love the playfulness of an incognito costume party, but even more, I adore the irony of a black and white. So self-conscious in a hip kind of way.


I absolutely love the dress I wore. It’s as light as gossamer, and when I wear it, I feel like a fairy queen.


Tanisha looks so dramatic in her little black dress, which highlights her red hair and alabaster skin.

Emma and Gray

Look at how elegant Emma is! It’s like she’s some kind of royalty. And Gray puts the cool in suave.


Lighten up, Alex! It’s a party, not a military review! (Forrest was out collecting crystals, so he missed the photos session before the party when we were all showing off our outfits!)

The party was a blast! I played caterer and whipped up a black-and-white cake and another dish or two.


Of course Uncle Jacob came! He would never miss a chance to hang out with us! (I think he looks really handsome all dressed up.)

Even though we’d hired a mixologist, Alex stepped in to tend the bar. I don’t even know if the mixologist ever showed up! Or if he or she did, then he or she decided to just join the party.


My favorite memory was when I was in the kitchen cooking and folks were hanging out at the table, talking about how good the food was, while others were dancing to the sweet tunes.

Tanisha got a little freaked out by all the dirty dishes, but Forrest got this great idea to hang out by the pool to help her relax, and pretty soon, half the party guests joined them in swim suits by the poolside! So much for black-and-white! It was more like tan and beige!


“Tani, chill. It’s not big deal if there are few dirty dishes laying around. We’ll clean ’em up later. Just hang out and enjoy the party, me hearty.”


“O be-day!”

By the end of the party, half the guests were wearing suits, and everyone gathered in the main room to dance!


Look! There’s Alex’s dad, Mortimer, dancing in his swim suit! Alex looks so happy.

After the party, we had a lot of clean up to do, and I had a plumbing job to take care of.

Cathy Tea

I never mind fixing things anymore–in fact, I wait eagerly for the opportunity! When I fix seven more things, I will have completed one of the steps for my next aspiration milestone!

Even though I keep expecting romances to pop up between us, what I like most is the way that we’re all friends with each other.

We’re there to cheer for each other when things are going well, and to support each other when things are tough. And mostly, we’re just here to be together, chatting, joking, and hanging out.

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