Wedding Cupcake

After she found out she was pregnant, Linda Noel wanted to marry Ironwood Bough. I had promised them that it would be their choice whether to marry or not, yet I was secretly glad that Linda rolled the want. Wedding parties are so much fun, and a whim to marry is a nice confirmation for me that Linda really wants to be there.

Linda was a little sad when she first discovered that she was expecting.


“I’d always dreamed that the father of my baby would be another bro and that we’d have a baby bro.”

But as soon as she stepped into the courtyard, surrounded with all the history of the Boughs, she felt happy–thrilled actually–that she and I-dub would be parents together, carrying on the legacy.

She broke the news to I-dub at the kitchen table.


“Are you sure it was confetti? Maybe the pillow burst?”

I-dub felt so discombobulated by the revelation that he autonomously selected the flirty introduction when he met Willow’s friend, Javier, who had dropped by to visit and was sitting at the table with them.

(Either that, or I-dub is trying to tell me something about his true nature.)

Wanting to avoid further awkwardness, I-dub waited until he and Linda were alone to propose to his cupcake.


“Maybe we could find a way to commemorate your big news.”


“Ever since I saw you across the street that night, I’ve known you were something special, like no other Sim. I want you with me always.”

Linda felt delighted that I-dub had anticipated her whim to marry him.


“Hey, it’s a good thing we’ve both been working out so much!”

Willow, meanwhile, has been meeting Sims on her own. She met Javier, her first friend that’s not a family or household member, when she went to the lounge to perform a few routines. He’s a neat, geeky genius, and their shared neatness formed an instant connection between them.


Javier’s feeling a little flirty there. (That’s not Linda or Princess–just another clone!)

The bartender that night was this cute red-head with the good trait. Willow seemed especially drawn to him, but alas, he disappeared after his shift.


Too bad Willow Creek/Oasis Springs Service Sims, Inc. transferred this good-looking, good-traited mixologist to Sunset Valley.

The Willow Creek/Oasis Springs Cleaning Services has been sending by male maids recently. This one was so cute, and he and Willow enjoyed working out together. Unfortunately, he’s evil, and Willow felt a little bummed out all day that he’d chosen that dark path.

Evil maid

“I like to pull the wings off butterflies and turn them back into caterpillars!”

Willow, at this point, is more interested in her career as a comedian and her Joke Star aspiration than in a specific romance with a specific Sim. She loves to watch the romance channel, and she sometimes rolls the whim to woo-hoo with someone (no one in particular–it’s the woo-hoo, not the person, she’s interested in), and she often rolls the whim to get flirty. But it hasn’t seemed like she’s met that certain someone. She’d rather get to the top of her career, something her dad missed by a day, than settle down just yet. She’s the spare. She can live the single life, if that’s what she chooses.

The night before the wedding, I-dub and Willow had a chance to visit with their mom. Cassandra’s ghost seemed so happy to see how well her children are doing. She didn’t enjoy hearing Willow’s melancholy thoughts, but a few jokes turned the conversation pleasant again.


“Cupcake and I are getting married, Mom!”

Cedar and Timothy, at this point, are forgotten by all, except me, the voice of time. I had planned to move in Cedar’s ghost during this game-play session. But I was too slow. Now their graves are marked with underscores where their names were.

I suppose that’s what happens by generation four. I can remember my great grandmothers, but my great great grandmothers are hidden to me. One day, it may be like that for my mother. That saddens me. I’ve never had children, so I’ve always expected to be forgotten when I leave this realm–and I find that thought exquisitely liberating. But to think that my mom may one day be forgotten! Oh, that we would all have our own Shakespeares to write us sonnets so that our transient beauty will be remembered generations hence! Cedar and Timothy, I will reread your chapters to remember your gossamer days.

Keeping with the fashion established by his grandparents, Acacia and Kyler, I-dub and Cupcake had an informal wedding.


“I don’t want anything fancy. I’m a bro, remember?”

Linda wore her pink cupcake party outfit and looked delicious!


“Do you like my outfit?”


She looked good enough to eat.

The cousins came to the wedding, and we discovered Poppy’s adult trait: Mean. Oh, Poppy! I’m sorry about that. I guess that Manzanita’s cruel delights affected you.

Speaking of Manzanita… she didn’t show up on the invite list. She’s joined the ghostly realm. Only Eleanor remains of generation three.

Ms. M

This is the last time I saw Manzy, when she showed up at the lounge to check in on Willow and Javier. Bye, Ms. M. I may not have understood you, but I’ve always loved you! Too bad you had to travel down that dark path.

The wedding party was a blast, with a touching exchange of vows, delicious cake, and even lobster thermidor (thanks to the hired caterer).


Confetti seems to follow Cupcake like sprinkles on icing!


Poppy, overlooking her meanness, broke out into the happy birthday song!

Just as the party ended, Willow realized that she’d forgotten to thank the entertainer for coming. He’d planted himself at the piano in the practice room, where he happily played concertos, and had, basically, been forgotten during the entire party!

She caught up with him at the edge of the lot.


“Thank you for coming. I know we all got distracted by the lobster thermidor, but I heard your music through the door, and we really appreciate your playing!”

He’s not much to look at, with that Sim-clone face of his, but my–what a smile! And… he’s good! He and Willow made friends fast. I found him on Manage Households before he left the lot (possibly to disappear forever) and quickly moved him into one of the haunted houses in town. Don’t worry, Willow! He’ll be around for a while, even if he remains just a friend, he’ll be a friend for life.


He made the cutest little “Awww” sound when Willow hugged him to celebrate their friendship!