Still Life with Freezer Bunny


Hmmm… 1 new message in my inbox.

Hey, look! I got an email from CathyTea!

Hiya, Aspen! How’s life at Cradle Rock? I heard you’ve already completed two childhood aspirations, social butterfly and creative prodigy, AND you’re an A student! Good go! 

Since you’re doing so well with all that childhood stuff, I was wondering if you could help me out. I’ve got a lot of projects going on right now, and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to update the Goofy Love Legacy blog. But so much has happened with your family that I don’t want to wait a long time before the next update comes out. Do you think you could update it for me?


Oh, yes! I’m up to the task.

All I ask is that you refrain from sharing melancholy thoughts, ok? Think you can do that? 

If you’re not able to do the update, that’s fine–just let me know. Otherwise, I look forward to reading the next post from you!



Hehehe! Ok. I think I can handle this. Just one question… What does “refrain” mean? I think maybe it means to really get into, as in to go for it and don’t hold back. Ok, peoples! How’s this? We’re all going to die! Is that melancholy enough for you? Not only are all of us Sims here at Cradle Rock going to die, but you’re all going to die, too! And nothing, not even Shakespeare, can stop that! Hahahaha!

Just fooling. I know what “refrain” means. I was just checking to see if you did. Seriously, though. That’s it with the melancholy. Everything’s cheerful from here on out. Just like my sister.


Meet Madrona, the best little sister in the world.

My little sister aged up in a freezer bunny t-shirt and twirly skirt. How cute is that? She’s super cheerful, which is lucky, since me, Mommy, and Aunt Willow are all gloomy hearts. When we’re around ‘Rona, we forget about everything except for sunshine.


“The llama actually went up in space! To discover the planet of cow mascots!”

I’m always hearing about how Sim kids get sad when they have little sisters or brothers, but why? Little sisters are the best.

Even Dad thinks ‘Rona is the coolest (well, next to me and Mommy, that is).


“Madrona, even though you’ve been a kid for just a few days, I’ve got so much admiration for you!”

‘Rona looks at us like we’re nuts when we tell her how great we think she is, but I think it makes her happy, anyway. (Well, anything makes her happy!)


See what I mean? I think she feels pretty good about herself, knowing that we all love her like we do.

She’s doing what I just finished doing: playing the violin for five hundred, million, bazillion, quadrapillion hours. That’s not even Sim time. That’s just hours.


She plays all night. All day. All night. All day. At least she likes it.

As for me, I’m just go, go, go. Me and ‘Rona never sleep cuz of Zzzz juice, and since I already did two hyperations, I want to see if I can do three. I think it would be cool to be all Little Ms. Rambunctuitious Scampola!


Go here! Go there! Climb the monkey bars! Swim some laps! Practice typing! Keep running!

I got so much to do to max out motor because tomorrow, I become a teen. I am so ready for it. I mean, being a kid is great. But it gets old having just one trait. I want two traits so I can be more complicated, like my Aunt Willow.

Today, Aunt Willow had her birthday. Dad invited everybody, even all my friends! And two of them, plus Cousin Poppy, showed up with big old wiener heads! I’m like, “Guys. We’re not serving hot dogs. Or tofu dogs, either. The park is that way.”


If you’re cool with the cool crowd, you’re an Oscar Meyer tofu head!

I told Carl Wiener Head my best joke.


“Hey, Carl. What comes out of the boogie man’s nose? Boogers!”

My Aunt Willow is my hero. I like to wait up for her when she gets home really late from work, and we have a snack in the kitchen, and sometimes the ghosts of our old ancestors show up. My grandpa Palo Verde The Royal Llama Tamer can tell some good jokes, and he really likes to crack up my great grandpa Kyler.


Sitting up late with Willow and the ancestors, just cracking jokes!

Willow always tells these really long funny not-so funny stories. They kinda make you go, Huh? But then later, when you’re doing something totally different, you might sort of start to chuckle, and you say to yourself, “Oh, yeah! It really is like that when you can’t stop eating cupcakes!”


“When you’re addicted to cupcakes, pretty soon, even the letter C on your laptop starts to look mouth-watering.”

I felt really soft inside when I looked at my mom right there with Willow, while Willow was wishing her secret can’t-tell-or-it-won’t-come-true wish.


Don’t tell your wish, Willow!

Mommy just looks so beautiful.


I’ve got the best mom.

And Aunt Willow is the most beautifullest of the beautiful!


I hope that just like Willow is completely Willow, that when I grow up, I will be completely Aspen.

Well, cranberries, that’s life here on the prairie! I gotta go swim a few more laps, then practice typing, then play on the jungle gym, the run around, then drink Zzzz juice, then swim a few more laps.

Over and out, this is Roger-Dodger-Will-Co-Captain-of-the-Universe, and all that!