You know you’re a Simmer when…

  1. You see someone interesting walking down the street, and your first instinct is to mouse over the person to find out his or her name.
  2. You wonder where the person in the check-out line downloaded her cute CC.
  3. Something goes wrong, and you think of it as a glitch, and you can’t wait until the patch comes out!
  4. You twirl when you change your clothes.
  5. You have an inexplicable desire to eat grilled cheese.
  6. You greet your friends and family members with “Sul, sul!” and “Dag-dag!”
  7. You forget you have to go to work (or school) tomorrow because it’s Friday night for your Sims.
  8. You start using words like “plum” and “needle nork” in daily conversation.
  9. You forget that the llama is not the mascot of your home team. (Nor is the cow the mascot of the opposing team.)
  10. You step outside on a beautiful sunny day, and you just have to spread your arms, look up at the sky, and sigh, “Ah, lor-ay!”
  11. You accidentally walk in on your boyfriend while he’s taking a shower, and all you see is a pixelated blur.
  12. You keep looking through your dresser drawers trying to find your animal hats.
  13. Most of your celebrity gossip centers around Don Lothario and the Goths.
  14. Pinstar is like a god to you.
  15. Your reading list consists primarily of legacies and neighborhood rotation stories.
  16. Your newest best friends are people you’ve never met IRL but only online and who share your love for little pixelated, digital electronic impulses of AI.
  17. You can readily think of three more items to fill out this list!

We just love our little digital friends!