5 Golden Grlzzz


“I am SO outnumbered!”

Ironwood has found himself in the position of the only male in a family of six. Don’t let his shocked expression fool you–it’s an act. In reality, he is blissfully happy living with his wife, his sister, and his three beautiful daughters.

He rolled the wish to have another child with Linda, and while I prefer small families, I’ve also agreed to let my Sims have up to three kids if they wish. I-dub and Linda love having children. Meet baby Poplar.


This is Poplar, the newest family member, a beautiful baby girl.

Linda now wishes for another child, but I’ve convinced her that their lot will get too laggy if we give in. So, they’re settling for rocketship woo-hoo instead.


It may not result in progeny, but when it feels this good, who cares?

Linda Noel remains the cupcake of I-dub’s heart. Her body’s no longer the creamy, cushy, vanilla-pudding cake that it used to be–now she’s whole-grain, unleavened, date-sweetened, nut-filled goodness, hard as toasted Essene bread, but she’s still sweet. She works out. She completed her curator aspiration, and now, since she’s a bro and has always loved exercise, she’s progressing towards Body Builder. I-dub, who recently completed Renaissance Sim, has joined her in body building.


Solid muscle and a cute little pot-belly

Cupcake has taken over Princess’s gardening tasks. Her favorite activity is using the rooftop microscope.


This is where Linda can be found whenever she’s on free will. “I just love to discover the structure that lies beneath everything!”

I-dub’s sister Willow is, in many ways, the center of the home. She’s the breadwinner and the heartwarmer.


“All my dreams are here.”

Willow has devoted her life to two areas: her comedic career (which dovetails nicely with her JokeStar aspiration) and her role as the Bough family aunt.

Willow reminds me of Sharon Olds’ poem “The One Girl at the Boys Party.” Though no longer a girl, Willow has retained her Athenian wholeness: she is complete in and of herself.

Aspen, I-dub and Linda’s oldest daughter, has become a teen. And what a teen she is! This girl rocks my imaginary world!


“Oh, yes. I am looking right back at you. Make that INTO you.”

She’s become one of those Sims that looks right at you. She’s actually my first Sim to do that, though I’ve read about other Sims who do that and my boyfriend had several TS2 Sims (all cute girls!) who glared at him all the time!


“I’ve got way too much to do to worry about a mis-rolled aspiration!”

Aspen rolled “Public Enemy” for her aspiration. I was pretty bummed out for a few days. How can Aspen, Miss Social Butterfly I-Love-Everybody, be happy practicing mischief, being disliked, and making enemies? I mean this girl made her aspiration-required five childhood friends in 7 Sim hours! Now she’s supposed to make enemies?

But Aspen talked sense into me.


“We’re not bound by our randomly rolled aspirations! We are free digital beings.”

“We didn’t choose Public Enemy,” she reasoned with me. “We rolled it. We don’t have to pursue random aspirations! Do you remember how I wrote that just like Willow is completely Willow, that when I grow up I want to be completely Aspen? Well, this is just a test of that wish! It’s a trial to see if I’ll cave and be NOT Aspen. But I won’t cave. I’m stronger than that. Watch and see.”


Being with her family makes Aspen happy.

And I think she’s right. While she does love to lie about her career, she’s too naturally kind to make enemies.

She’s remained friends with the wiener-head boys, who still drop by daily. They’ll be aging up in a few Sim days.


“Hey, Oscar Meyer head! Where’s the ketchup?”

And of course, Aspen is still BFF with Aunt Willow. Willow, Aspen, and little Madrona love to sit around late at night swapping jokes.


“We’ve got the best aunt in the world, right ‘Rona?”

Little Madrona is quite the character! Look at that face! She is mischief! She loves to make fun of adults–to their face! I think that she has the goofy walk, but we’ll see if she keeps it when she ages up. She just completed the artistic prodigy aspiration, and with seven days of childhood left, she’s working on rambunctious scamp. I think she’ll complete that, but I’m not sure if she’ll be able to complete three childhood aspirations, like her sister did. Two is plenty for a kid who loves to be a kid!



Like her big sister, she’s been living on Zzzz juice. The energy potion came in handy when she had to go to school energized, too.


“Which to drink first?”

I love to watch Rona play. She’s so at home in her little digital kid body!


“My twirly skirt is like a slice of moonlight!”

Our only real challenge with the family these days is to keep anyone from dying from laughter. We’re really lucky that Cupcake, Willow, and Aspen are all gloomy, so we can take a break from laughing when we need to.


“I feel all purple playful! And don’t look–but is that chair behind me glowing?”

So, life at Cradle Rock is pretty sweet! No deaths looming in the near future, the jokes keep everyone playful, and we’re surfing the sweet waves of electronic estrogen!


“Help! Did you say estrogen?”