Get Out the Vote!


Hey, Sim Legacy and Story readers! Step up to let EA know how much you enjoy Sims stories!

One of the SimGurus (that’s an EA staff member who also participates on the Sims forums) has proposed a new feature for the Sims official website blog page: Story of the Month.

Currently, on the Sims forums, a poll is being held to decide which story would launch the feature.

Here’s the rub: as of Saturday, Dec. 13, only 66 people have voted!

Only 66 out of thousands of forum members!

The message that EA gets from this is that Simmers don’t really care that much about Sim stories. We know that’s not true–but for EA brass (do EA managers wear brass? Maybe it’s EA sandals…) numbers matter. In the words of SimGuruBChick, “I really love the story telling here and want to share it with a broader audience but it’s also a huge time suck putting this together.” Make that a huge time plum.

In other words, EA will probably feel like it just isn’t worth the resources if they don’t see a lot of interest in the stories.

Sims storytellers are good for the game! We invest countless hours in playing countless generations and push the game in new and quirky ways as individual as each of us.

And Sim story readers rock this earth!

So… it’s up to you! Head on over to teh forums and vote for any of the awesome stories in the poll, tell your friends to vote, and have your kids and your pet rabbit and your gerbil vote, too!

Heck, if it were a hundred and fifty years ago, we could even round up all the town drunks on Saturday night and “encourage” them to vote a dozen or more times. But, uh, it’s not mid-19th Century America, it’s the brand new digital online community where your vote counts!

The poll closes Friday, Dec. 19 (“probably in the morning,” in the words of SimGuruBChick) so please get your vote in by 8 a.m. PST on Friday, Dec. 19.

By the way, check out the stories that are up for selection! If you’re not already familiar with all of them, you are in for a treat! The talent is out-of-this-world, and there are some really nifty cross-overs in several of them, too (plus more in the works!).