HFH: Let’s celebrate…. what?

We all want to have a winter celebration, but at first we weren’t sure what to celebrate.

Emma and I are both sort of Buddhist/Transcendentalist/Hindu/Northern-California-something-that-refuses-to-be-labeled-ish.


“Isn’t the whole point of being sort of Buddhist/Transcendentalist/Hindu/Northern-California-something-that-refuses-to-be-labeled-ish that you don’t really celebrate on a specific day?”


“What I mean is that we celebrate every day in the here and now, right?”

Alex is Jewish. (I bet you didn’t know that about the Goths, did you?)


“Lemme see if I’ve got this straight, dude. You light one candle every night, right, Alex?”

Tanisha and her family are Russian Orthodox.


“I’ll just go to midnight mass with Mom and Dad and Dufous on Christmas Eve. Just like every year.”

Forrest says he “worships the sun and the moon and the oak tree behind the house.”


“I dunno. Is it pagan to feel that every living thing has a soul?”

And Gray is into Star Trek.


“Dude, I’m telling you, Star Trek is not a religion!”


“But it has millions of followers, Forrest!”


“Dude! Why didn’t you say so in the first place?”

After talking, and talking, and talking for days, we discovered that we all love plum pudding.


“Really? During winter your family liked to gather and watch Star Trek and eat plum pudding?”


“My, that boy may be a geek, but he does have a nice little plum of his own!”


“I’m saying, we always sat outside at midnight on Solstice and ate plum pudding!”


“Plum pudding! You’re right, Cath! That’s something we all have in common!”


“Ok, then! We’ll celebrate Plum Day!”

“Let’s have plum day!” I suggested. And, unlike with all the other suggestions we’d made (freezer bunny day, all-llama’s eve, cow-mascot cotillion), on this idea, we all agreed!

So, Plum Day it is!

We’ll invite all our friends in town, and to really go the distance, we’re also inviting Sims from all over! We’ve been posting about the festival on the forum and sharing instructions* for how to be included.

We’re putting all our out-of-town guests up at the Willow Creek B&B, since we’ve worked out a barter where we’ll do stuff for them in exchange for their housing our out-of-town guests now and then.


Here it is, Oakenstead, Willow Creek’s finest (and only) Bed and Breakfast.

Emma and I dropped by to work out all the details for accommodations with the proprietor of Oakenstead B&B, Dr. Jasmine Gooding. She retired from a long career as a psychologist, “making people happy,” as she puts is, to run the B&B.

Cathy Tea

“We’re really looking forward to having our out-of-town guests stay here!”

So, that’s the plan! Next week and maybe the week after, we’ll have Sims come from all over and join in our first annual Plum Day celebration!

*If your Sims would like to take part, just upload them to the gallery between Dec. 14 and Dec. 26 , 2014, with the hashtag #plumday.

We’ll look forward to putting them up at Oakenstead and celebrating the season of Plum with them! The more the merrier! Tally-ho!

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