HFH: Departures/Arrivals

I woke up with a song about elderberry jelly rattling through my head. Or maybe it was elderberry wine.

Elderberry wine, 
You’re so fine,
Drink you all the time,
If you were mine.

Cathy Tea

What a funny song to have in my head, and what a sweet dream that was!

I had this dream that I had found something that I had lost that I had never known I had. Anyway, I had found it in my dream. Wish I could remember what it was.

Cathy Tea

I wonder why Sarah Firecracker didn’t have a good time last night.

While I sipped my morning coffee, I thought about Sarah Firecracker. I could see how she might not have fun here. I mean, she has to go to school. That’s something I hadn’t counted on. And she comes from a world with amazing homes, homes that make Oakenstead look like a shed, for RachelRosebud is an incredible builder!

And her home world is so full of color. I could see how a Black and White party in a world without woo-hoo might seem boring to the love-child of Geoffrey Landgraab and Scarlet Firecracker.

Cathy Tea

Even if it’s not fun, surely it’s still good for a Sim to see how worlds can vary.

I remembered the way Gray describes the meaning of Plum Day, “Infinite Diversity. Infinite Combinations.”

At least Sarah is getting a chance to experience some of the diversity that’s part of being a Sim.

And, with any luck, maybe this evening, our party will even be fun!

We’ve all been so busy with the Plum Day events, that we decided we’d take most of the day off today.

Cathy Tea

“Ang, thanks so much for coming! You guys really made the whole celebration! It wouldn’t have been Plum Day with you!”

Robinson Family was scheduled to leave. LeSean had to get back for the final-screening party for A Snowflake Carol.

I didn’t feel sad about saying good-bye to RobFam because I knew I’d be seeing them again. We’d run into each other at the gym, or I’d stop by and paint with Ang. We’d keep in touch.

While we were hanging out, Olivia stopped by. She looked a little wistful.


“I don’t know what I’m making this juice for. Soon, I’ll be giving all this up.”

“I’m leaving town!” she told Emma. “I’m heading out to take part in the Desert Leaders project. It’s a really great opportunity for a Sim like me.”


“Finally, I’ll have a chance to develop my geek-skills, and maybe I’ll even meet some fellow bros!”

I felt sad that Olivia was leaving. She and I had never actually become friends, even though we grew up together, but I always felt there was great potential for friendship there, and that at some point, we would become really close friends. And now she’s leaving. I learned a lesson about making friends then: don’t wait to make friends tomorrow, for tomorrow, the Sim that would become your newfound friend might be gone.

With that lesson fresh in my mind, I ran out to greet Elder when I spied him walking down our block.


“Yeah, school was super boring, but I’m just so happy to be here!”

I tried to keep my digital heart from beating too quickly while we talked. There’s just something about Elder’s voice that makes everything inside me move a little more quickly.

In the evening, I headed over to the B&B to meet the newest guests, Max and Liz Evans.

Max and Liz

“Max, don’t let the snowmen fool you. It’s really not about Christmas–at least, not in the traditional sense.”

Liz and Max seemed to delighted to be there.

Max and Liz

“It’s so beautiful! And so relaxing! And we so need this!”

Rose Sager arrived, too. I’ve been so intrigued with Rose ever since I started reading her and her family’s blog, “I Promised Forever.” She’s Clair Ursine’s daughter, for one thing! And she also has always seemed to me to live in her own world, and it’s a world full of beauty, that I’d love to be a part of, too, even if just as a visitor.


“Don’t look now, but is the sunset wearing my shade of purple and pink?”

Max and Liz seemed to feel that this was a chance for a second honeymoon for them.

Max and Liz

“I told you it would be great for us to get away!”

Plum Day is all about welcoming our guests to town. This is my favorite part of the whole celebration.

Max and Liz

“Our whole town is better because you’re here, Max and Liz! Thank you for what you bring with your presence!”

This was the Nunleys’ last night, since they had to leave the next morning for their new home on their brand new computer.

So tonight, we are going to throw an Incognito Party!

Sarah and Mariah Nunley offered to host the party in their rental, since it has plenty of room for all the teens.

I sure hope that tonight’s party goes better than last night’s!


The first guests from the B&B file in: Rose as the pizza delivery Sim, Max as the astronaut, and hot dog Elder.

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