HFH: IncogNunley

What is it about the excitement of a party that can make a Sim’s heart spin? The whole Incognito Costume Party really sent me on a trip around Venus conjunct Moon and back again!

We held the party to say good-bye to the Nunleys. They’d been here since the day before Plum Day, renting this big house in town, and now they’ve got a new home computer and it’s time for them to leave. I’m going to miss them.

A costume party is such a great way to let loose and discover new parts of yourself.

Liz Evans came as a hot dog maid.


“Want your house clean, but you’re hungry, too? Hot dog maid to the rescue!”

The mixologist I hired was so mad! Turns out I had forgot to rent a bar for the Nunleys’ house!


“How do you expect me to make a plum fizz without a plumming bar to fiz it on?”

Sarah Firecracker, like Max, had selected the astronaut costume.


“Why does somebody else always have to wear same thing as me?”

My boy Forrest rocked the joint as a tofu dog! Yeah, Forrest! Show ’em what us vegetarians are made of, dude!


“There’s more to meat than meat, if you get my drift.”

We didn’t all choose to wear costumes. Serenity looked awesome in her street clothes, and even though I look like I’m in a costume, this is just one of my Plum Day outfits.


Turned out that the mixologist was really happy doing dishes all night!

Lovely Betsy Nunley lent a touch of elegance to the blue maid costume.


“It’s hard not to look elegant in a room with a golden Christmas tree!”

As the party progressed, Sarah Firecracker began to enjoy herself.


Is that a smile?

She’s pretending to check her messages, but I think she’s really checking out something–or someone–else.


Is she checking her text messages, or checking the hot dog?

Tani was the perfect party host. As a rich kid herself, Tani really knew how to connect with Sarah Firecracker.


“Oh, yeah! I know what it’s like to grow up in the biggest house in town!”

Soon, everyone was dancing and smiling and joking. It was a real party!


“Get down! Hot dog town!”

“Is this a party, or what?” I thought to myself while baking a cake in the kitchen.


You know, I think this party’s going ok!

Every time Sarah Firecracker smiled, my heart sang a little song! She really enjoyed talking with Sarah Nunley.


“I guess you have a busy life with six foster kids!”

Outside, Mariah Nunley enjoyed some time with Eugi, Besty, and Isobel. Mariah and Sarah are magic with their kids!


“Oh! Oh! Oh! First you cook the tortillas, then you layer them with beans!”

While the rest of us were dancing and eating, Liz and Max seemed entranced by the galaxy light show contraption. It was as if they were studying it, hoping to discover lost keys to an ancient question, or something.


“Max, look at this. But don’t let anyone notice that you’re looking at, ok?”

The mixologist’s OCD came in handy! As quickly as we dirtied the dishes, he cleaned them!


Gotta remember to hire this guy next time.

When I took a break from catering, I sat with Finn Nunley (also an astronaut), Sarah Nunley, and Sarah Firecracker. Sarah F. delighted us with a funny story about something that actually happened in a rocket with her half-brother Malcolm and Cassandra Goth!


Really? It’s possible in a rocket? Weren’t they teens?

While I was pulling the cake out of the oven, a certain hot dog followed me into the kitchen. I tried to make light of my nervousness at being so close to him by making a joke about birthday candles and aging up.


“Should we break the rules and add some birthday candles?”

But his smile made me feel even more nervous! When he smiles like that, I feel like he’s looking right into me.


Look at that smile! I can’t tell if he’s saying, “Yeah, go for it!” or if he’s just laughing at how smitten I am!

Mariah Nunley and Sarah F. shared a heart-to-heart in the dining room. I felt so happy to see Sarah really connecting with some of the Sims she was meeting.


“Yes, I can understand while you’re feeling eager to get back home and celebrate the holidays with your family–or rather, families!”

Poor Sarah and Mariah Nunley were so tired by the time we served the cake. They could barely drag themselves into the kitchen.


What am I looking at over my shoulder that brings such a wistful smile to my face?


Yeah. That.

Isobel Nunley, too, was so tired. The Nunleys had been packing all day.


Liz, though, is non-stop energy!

Elder had brought his clay in the hidden pocket of his hot dog costume. I wonder what he thinks about while he molds that clay into something new.




My heart is a lump of clay waiting to be fashioned into something new in your hands.

Mariah and Sarah Nunley, thank you so much for coming to our Plum Day celebration! You and your family really made this so much fun! Even though I never got a chance to meet Keegan, I know I’ll meet him sometime. And I am so grateful that I got to meet you!


“We had a great time, and now we’re looking forward to our new home on our new computer!”

After the party was over, Isobel Nunley could barely drag herself up to bed, but Rose and Sarah Firecracker weren’t ready to stop dancing!


Good night, Isobel! Thank you for coming to Plum Day.

I had no idea Plum Day would be so tiring! We aren’t used to late nights and load screens.


“So. Happy. So. Tired.”

Tani was the hero of the evening, helping everyone feel happy and full of fun. She threw a party for the ages!


Sleep tight, Tanisha Snow! Tomorrow is Plum Day, once again!

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