HFH: Friends become Family

Sarah Firecracker left before school started. She told Dr. Jasmine that she missed her families and she didn’t want to spend another day at “that boring school.” She did say that last night’s party rocked, and that made me happy.

We were feeling tired from all the parties, so we slept in and enjoyed another slow day. Gray and Emma took vacation days, and we just hung out.

We invited Dr. Jasmine, Max and Liz, Rose, Mikaela, Saffron, and Marcus over to hang out with us, watch tv, and play cards and chess. Mikaela went jogging in the park instead, and Elder went to school.

Did I mention that Marcus has decided to stay in town for a while? When the Nunley’s went back home, he took over their rental. In honor of Marcus, Alex decided to wear his “Where’s Plumbob” outfit.


Rose wants to make sure that Marcus doesn’t see her cards. She’s got a good hand.

Max came over looking really sad. Even though he and Liz have been enjoying a second honeymoon in the Sugar Plum Suite at the B&B, he misses his son Zan, who stayed at home with his aunt.


I’d be sad, too, if I were apart from my son on Plum Day.

Liz said they’d booked a trip out that afternoon. “We’ve had a blast,” she told Saffron. “Even though it’s a short trip, we got to go to a great party, spend some time just the two of us, and meet all of you!”


“Plum Day is great! We’re really glad we came!”

While playing chess, Rose seemed to capture more than Gray’s rook.


Gray himself is captivated.

A little after three o’clock, I heard a knock at the door. School’s out, and look who came over!


Remember to breathe, Cath.

“Hey! You stopped by! You wanna come in?” I asked. And my voice didn’t even squeak. My toes were tingling, but I checked in with the rest of me. No butterflies in my stomach. My breathing was steady. Man, I think Peyton’s message really helped me with my perspective!


“You got a cool house.”

Following him inside, I felt just a glow. I didn’t feel like the floor was falling out under me. I didn’t feel like my mind would be overcome with all those giddy school-girl emotions. I just felt happy and relaxed. Yeah, this amazing guy is my friend, and here he is in our home, just like we’ve always known each other.


And our house is even cooler with you in it, Elder Wolff.

Over a game of chess, I told Elder about the Desert Leaders program that Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis had left for. Elder seemed to hang on every word. He was especially intrigued by one of the ideas for the inspiration of the program, which came from a seed idea by Peter Senge:

“People with high levels of personal mastery…cannot afford to choose between reason and intuition, or head and heart, any more than they would choose to walk on one leg or see with one eye.”

He smiled that door-opening smile and said, “My dad would really like that. I think my mom and sisters would, too. Especially Ede. My dad’s got ‘personal mastery’ in the bag, and even though he’s all about reason, sometimes his intuition and his heart lead the way. Or maybe even all the time. I gotta look into that program.”


You know a guy is awesome when he keeps smiling even while you’re beating him at chess. And neither one of us cheated once!

As afternoon slid towards evening, most of our guests headed out. Saffron wanted to get supper ready for Uncle Jacob, and Dr. Jasmine wanted to get the B&B ready for the next round of visitors arriving that night.

Max Evans was all smiles knowing that within a few Sim hours, he’d be home with his son.


“Nothing like going away for a bit to make coming home even sweeter!”

Liz had this look about her, like she was pondering a clue to some mystery she’d been exploring for a long time. And Marcus said he wanted to get to work on his blog. He’s a professional blogger, you know.


The coolest thing about Plum Day is all the great Sims I’ve gotten to know!

After everybody else left, Elder hung out for a while. When I looked into the living room, there he was, just like one of the guys. He’d pulled out his clay, and it was like he belonged there. I thought back on Peyton’s email, and what she said about how we can have more than one soul-mate. And seeing Elder there, one of our band, it felt like our group of soul-mates had expanded by one. It may be an impossible romance, but it’s not an impossible love.


He takes his clay everywhere he goes now!

The next round of Plum Day visitors would be arriving late in the evening, so we decided we’d all head over there to hang out with them. We didn’t plan a party, in case they were tired from traveling and wanted to turn in early, but I brought along a package of home-baked cookies that Peyton had sent, and we were ready to have fun getting to know our new friends.

When I saw Ana Pringle dancing in the dining room, I felt like I’d found an old friend! Ana’s story was one of the first ones that I’d followed, and it somehow seemed natural and thrilling at the same time to see her right there.


Ana Pringle! You are an awesome dancer!

We found Toya watching “Simless in Seattle” on the tv, and the show put all of us in a flirty mood.


“This is Forrest’s favorite Plum Day movie! You’ll never guess how many times he’s watched it!”

Hunter O’Malley, happy and tired, went to bed early. We’d get a chance to meet him tomorrow.


“Great accommodations, I gotta say.”

Tani and Alex hung out together and read on the porch. Alex looked so serious, but he was just trying to solve the Crisis Barn mystery.


“It’s not that. I’ve just realized that I haven’t seen my dad for a while.”

Elder and Forrest really got into it. You could tell that each was trying to turn around the uncomfortable conversation they were having, but for the longest time their efforts went flat. Making fun of each other didn’t help. And each joke they told somehow went sour. It was wilty-flower-why-did-I-say-that all the way.

I was surprised. I mean, here were the only two guys I’ve ever really had a crush on. You’d think they’d get along, right?


“Errr… so you talk like this, right, dude?”

Forrest told me later that eventually, when they were alone, Elder asked him about woo-hoo. After that, they got along great.

I really laughed. “What could you tell him about woo-hoo?” I asked Forrest.

“Nothing,” Forrest answered. “I just told him that the only thing I knew about it I knew from reading legacies, since I’d never had it, dude. Woo-hoo and I are strangers. After that, it was like all the bad vibes between us disappeared, and he stopped making fun of me, and we were pals.”


Wherever Rose was, there was Gray.

I dished up the cookies that Peyton sent. They were so delicious!


Cookies from Peyton make any night a party!

It was getting late, and we were getting so tired. We straggled our way back home. Except for Gray. It was like he had found his source of energy in Rose.


“Nabad koozik?”

Poor Dani, Ana Pringle’s daughter, woke up after everybody but Gray had left.


“I missed the party. But at least they saved me a cookie.”

Dr. Jasmine told me that before going to bed, Elder washed up all the dishes. Mr. Sunshine’s mom and sisters would be so proud of him.


Does this beautiful Sim ever not smile?

Rose found a new friend upstairs and enjoyed a heart-to-heart.


“Uni, there are so many new people I’m meeting! But you’re the coolest, Mr. Blue.”

We’ve got a few more days of Plum Day, filled with our recital, a dinner party, a chess tournament, and more hanging out. Then, our guests will leave, and we’ll get back to our regular routines. But I think that something of these days will stay alive inside of us, as we reflect on all the Sims we’ve come to know, our new friends that now feel like family.

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