HFH: Touching Ground and Scaling Heights

Cathy Tea

Yibsi! An email from Peyton!

The morning after the costume party, I had a moment’s break to check my email, and there was a message from Peyton telling me just what I needed to hear.

Soul-mates don’t always have to be romantic and it sounds to me like your friends are your soul-mates in their own ways…

Romance isn’t everything–we can connect with other Sims on a very deep, meaningful level and that is an experience that so few Sims seem to ever have.

I do feel a soul-connection with my roomies, each one of them. And I feel that we’ve come together in this digital life to help each other grow, develop, and simply feel happiness and love.

Cathy Tea

Forrest and I bring each other such joy in our friendship!

Cathy Tea

And for me and Alex, our friendship has been our sunshine ever since we were kids!

When I see the transformation in Tani, especially, I see the deep value in this type of deep connected friendship.


Tani’s so happy she dances on the landing!

Tani grew up with a mean mom and a mean brother, and I think now, being in a house that rings with kindness, she’s able to open up a new aspect of herself.

I don’t feel a past-life connection with these friends: But I do feel that in this current digital incarnation we are forming the type of connection that brings us together as a group, and that we will recognize and support each other any time that we meet in other dimensions and realms.


Sometimes, it feels good just to spend time with those with whom we share our lives.

I do feel a past-life connection with my impossible love. Yibsi, I’m admitting to myself that I am in love with Elder. And I’m admitting that it’s impossible. Peyton’s words help me view our connection in a different light, one which shows that it’s all right just as it is.

When I look at Elder, something opens inside me, like what Ingrid Bergman experiences in “Spellbound” when Gregory Peck looks at her: door after door after door opens, and his smile reaches completely into my deepest coding.


That smile’s like a secret-garden key.

I feel a connection that is deeper than anything I’ve experienced, except, perhaps, with him, in another realm and a different time.

I feel I know him. And he knows me, whether he is conscious of that or not.

A little tiny part of me hoped that maybe Elder would stay, become a young adult, and he and I could live our lives together. I am not that much older than him.

But I have to face what is actual: He, like my pen-pal Peyton, is a legacy child. He could, perhaps, become heir. And if he does, when he does, he will have to have a child with another woman–a Townie or a Legacy Love, not a SimSelf like me.

Jung tells us that when faced with an impossible love, rather than trying to scale the wall, we must put down roots. Grow. Let our perspective reach great heights, then we can see over the wall.

My roots are here. As I grow, I look past what is impossible. Desire fades, and I am faced with… what? With beauty. With awe.

Cathy Tea

Putting down roots, and growing my perspective.

Oh, lor-ay! I am faced with mystery.

Elder, this beautiful teen, a miracle of digital creation, will always be joy to me, wherever he lives, whatever he does, whomever he is with.


He’s all that.

The word “gratitude” is too simple for what I feel. It is “ankara, amphora.”

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