Hot Stuff

After a long Plum Day break with the hippies, we’re back at Cradle Rock to catch up with the Boughs.

It feels great to write in my voice again, after having young Cathy Tea write through me for the past fifteen days. (Yeah, we’re the same but different. I’m much older and not so digital.)

While we were off in another game celebrating Plum Day, Poplar, the youngest Bough of generation five, burst out of her bassinet in a blaze, not so much of glory, as of hot-headedness.


Light the world on fire, baby girl!

She rolled Social Butterfly, like Madrona did, but her appearances reveal her true scamp nature. And, to warm my heart, she aged up in the family hat-wearing tradition.


“Look! I’m all that!”

First order of business for a young Social Butterfly: tell a few jokes to your big sister.


“Hey, Madrona! Listen to your little sis ,Poplar! She’s got more knock-knock jokes than you do!”

When Poplar wandered out to the street the next day to introduce herself to Sims, her hot-headedness got the best of her. Before she knew it, one of the women she met started letting her have it–right in front of one of the wiener-head boys, too!


“Now don’t you start making implications about my mama, young lady!”

Then, the other lady lit into her!


“You legacy brats with your aspirations! You think you can just come out here and start talking to any Townie who walks by!”

That was a rough start! I began to worry a bit that Poplar’s hot-headedness really might cause some problems for her. She’s the one who should roll Public Enemy, with this start, rather than her big sister, Aspen! But once Poplar got back home, all the happy moodlets of home have been overshadowing any slight anger she might feel from her natural disposition.

The wiener-head boys have grown up and left their wiener-heads behind.

They still come by every day.

Wiener Boy

We don’t recognize them without their wiener-heads!

He looks kinda dreamy. Maybe he likes Aspen.

Wiener Boy

“I wonder if she’ll recognize me, now that I’ve aged up.”

At Cradle Rock, there’s always one magic spot for match-making: that blue bathroom. But it helps if you go in there when it’s not being used for its utilitarian purpose.

Wiener Boy

“Umm.. I was wondering if you could tell me what this clay is for, but I guess maybe now’s not a good time.”

I guess we’d probably better get accustomed to having teenage boys around for a while! In two Sim days, little Madrona will become a teen, too!

Wiener Boy

“Ah, wow. That Aspen really looked good against a blue background.”

I’ve been giving Aspen an easy time as a teen. We’re not doing anything towards her Public Enemy aspiration, since it just doesn’t fit her. And since she completed three childhood aspirations, I’m letting her skill at her own pace.

She does like to cook, especially if it means making a family meal!


“Is taco casserole supposed to smoke?”

But sometimes, lower cooking skills and baking casseroles aren’t always the safest combination!

Fortunately, when Aspen set the family oven on fire, cousin Kourtney just happened to be visiting.


Go, Kourtney! I love an autonomous hero!

We’ve got a long tradition of women fire-fighters in this family, going all the way back to Acacia. Kourtney really did us proud, and I-dub was eager to pitch in, too.


Cousins who fight fire together, stay together.

Thanks, Kourtney, for saving the family home–and the family!


Good deed done.

We got 13 Simoleans to replace the stove. What? That’s our original stove! Bob Pancakes broke that stove on Cedar and Timothy’s wedding day. Acacia gave that stove the mega-super-duper upgrade! We’ve had that very same oven for generations!

Thirteen Simoleans didn’t even come close to replacing the sentimental value of that significant artifact of family heritage.

Of course, the fire freaked everybody out for a little while.


“I’m so hungry! I was gonna eat that cassermole.”

But as with every stressful event, the original upset passed. Wiener-head boys checked their phones for messages. Little sisters smiled in the sunshine. And the big sister headed back to whip up a nice garden salad.


“It’s a beautiful day, right Sis?”

As much as things change, with Sims moving into new life stages, things stay the same. We’ve always got a child playing space ranger. We’ve always got potential spouses coming over to see if they’ll make the grade. We’ve always got family and friends, together through fire, through birthdays, through weddings and aging-up, and even together when Grim eventually comes to pay his next visit.


“In space, no one can tell I’m just a kid.”