Aging Up!


“I am confident for whatever my life may hold!”

Madrona greeted her birthday morning with full confidence. She had mastered childhood, earning an A in school and completing both the artistic prodigy and rambunctious scamp aspirations. So, she didn’t complete three childhood aspirations like her big sister Aspen, but we can’t all be over-achievers. Some of us are satisfied with simply being awesome.

The cousins showed up for Madrona’s birthday. Sometimes the parties that consist of family and friends around the kitchen table are the best.


“I’ve got so many tricks planned! I’m going to be the only kid once ‘Rona ages up! I am going to rule this house!”

Of course, Cousin Poppy has always known how to make every birthday special. She can blow that horn like nobody else!


Ring in the new age, Poppy!

Madrona aged up into classic beauty.


“I’m just wondering what kinds of tricks I can play on my mom tomorrow. Maybe something to do with Dad’s birthday… exploding candles? Glue in the frosting?”

She rolled the out-going trait, which sort of fits her. She’s got this quiet, introspective side to her, in addition to her native cheerfulness, but at least the out-going trait won’t conflict too much with her kind heart.

She also rolled Chief of Mischief. I can understand this, for she has the hidden goofball trait. If I could have selected a trait for her, it would have been goofball, since mischief has been her middle name all through childhood. This girl loves to make fun!

I’m not sure how we’ll do with the Chief of Mischief aspiration. I’m not too keen on having Madrona make Sims dislike her–and with her cheerfulness, I don’t think she’ll be keen on that either. But she loves mischief, so if it happens naturally, that’s fine with me.

Gaining an extra trait and a new aspiration is hard work! Madrona left her party early to take a nap before tackling her homework. (Yes, this girl loves schoolwork!)


I really had no reason to include this photo. It’s just a testimony to beauty.

Aspen is loving being a teen. She’s already starting to think a little bit about what happens after high school. She’s thinking she might want to try one of those new careers. Athlete, for example.

On the morning of her dad’s birthday, Aspen realized that pretty soon, the torch would be passed to her and her sisters. Not right away, but it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about the future today.


“I am running towards the future like I run towards everything–ready!”

With the revisions to aspirations that came with the December update, Aunt Willow found that she had completed Joke Star. She’s now working towards Body Builder, along with Linda and Ironwood.

She still needs to practice routines and storytelling for her career as a comedian, though. Postmodern comedy requires a lot of rehearsal. Timing, you know.


“Imagine this! You are looking into the abyss… it’s black. It’s your future! It is destiny.”

Ironwood started celebrating his birthday the moment he woke up. He danced.


“Each moment. That’s what counts. Live each moment! Dance each moment!”

He enjoyed some juice at the outside bar.


“My life has been great! Three beautiful daughters! The love of my life as my wife! Who needs deeper meaning? I am happy with what meets the eye!”

All of Aspen’s teen friends joined the cousins and family friends in celebration. Ironwood is loved and admired!


“I”m wishing so hard right now!”

Oh, I-dub! You are even more handsome as an elder than you were as a young man. You look like a Southwest version of Cary Grant.



After the grown-ups went to bed, Aspen and one of her admirers hung out by the pool with little Poplar, who’s still on all-night skill-building duty.

Aspen checked out her friend’s physique–he’s got those narrow shoulders, wide hips, and skinny shins that her grandpa had. That’s a look that stirs something deep inside of her. Soon, if she turns out to be the heir, she’s going to have to start thinking about keeping the family line going. Maybe boys aren’t so bad. They make good friends, at any rate.


“Don’t give up hope yet,” says little Poplar. “We don’t know for sure that Aspen will be heir. I’ve got two more chances to roll goofball!”

It doesn’t matter to me who is heir and who is spare. I don’t think it really matters to my Sims, either. They’ve all got shots at happiness. They’ve all got responsibilities. To each of them, the well-being of the family is integral to the well-being of themselves. This is an all-for-one and one-for-all generation.